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Posted: Nov 29, 2020 @ 8:47pm

Absolutely terrible.
If you are buying this game to play with a steering wheel setup, just keep on looking.

The controller mapping is extremely broken, it was impossible to map my steering as it kept registering the wrong way and would only register one way at a time (Sometimes it'd let me do left, sometimes it'd let me do right if I restarted the game).

The game crashes constantly, you'll be lucky if it loads at all.

My 0.8 hours in this game were spent trying to map my Logitech G29.

0/10, got into the gameplay once, was able to turn left, game crashed.
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Developer response:
UbiKoality  [developer] Posted: Nov 30, 2020 @ 1:20pm
Hi Oxymoron! I'm incredibly sorry to hear about the problems you've experienced in The Crew 2. For starters, please ensure that you have mapped the button for "Nitro" in the game's settings, as shown here[], in order to have full functionality of the Logitech G29. Then, I would strongly suggest completing our technical troubleshooting guide[] in full. Those steps are quick to complete and tend to resolve various technical issues, such as crashing, while also improving game performance. Afterward, it would also be beneficial to go through this support article[] that goes over how to improve your experience with The Crew 2 specifically.

Ultimately, if none of these suggestions help, please do not hesitate to upload your MSinfo file[] in a case at From there, our technical team would be glad to provide more specialized assistance for you to get this resolved. Thank you!
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