Lucy   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Can merc Pyro up to Mid/Low Plat

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"Life is like toilet paper, you're either on a roll or taking shit from some asshole"

"Perfection, in anything, is unbearably dull. Myself, I prefer a touch of imperfection"

"Az, what's your opinion on religion?" - Wrench-kun
"It's a lot like having a penis" - Me
"?" - Wrench
"It's perfectly fine to have one, but the moment you take it out and start waving it around in my face, we have a problem" - Me

14:31 - Az has changed their name to Haunted Az (Scary).
14:35 - Runyx: (scary0
14:35 - Runyx: )
14:35 - Haunted Az (Scary): Did I scare you?
14:35 - Runyx: no
14:35 - Runyx: you gave me a hearth attack

22:00 - LogicTF2: Wanna hear a scary story
22:00 - Az: Sure
22:01 - LogicTF2: Communist Phlog pyro
22:01 - LogicTF2: "Don't worry my crits will be shared equally amongst all of you"
22:01 - Az: Stop it you're scaring me
22:02 - LogicTF2: You asked for a scary story
22:02 - Az: Too scary, I'm not going to sleep tonight now
22:03 - LogicTF2: But what if i told you
22:03 - LogicTF2: You are communist phlog pyro
22:04 - Az: Nooo!
22:04 - LogicTF2: No its okay
22:04 - LogicTF2: You sleep well knowing others cannot sleep because they fear you

22:04 - Az: The skeletons are taking over
22:04 - Az: Want proof?
22:05 - British Crumpet Man: go
22:05 - Az: There's a skeleton inside you right now

Cheddzy: @AustinN give me your soul mortal and ill spare your minecraft account

AustinN: Oh Az kill yourself

average fella: You see nobody understands me because I main spy

20:33 - Runyx: scrim tomorrow badwater x2
20:34 - az: I'm assuming thats twice and you're not just randomly putting our team name at the end
20:34 - Runyx: it's twice
20:34 - Runyx: you twat
20:34 - Runyx: xd

"I'm hoping for a nerf to the axtinguisher in the pyro update" - TeemoTheScientist

LogicTF2: Just pretend it's all going well and then cry when you're alone

az: I'm eighteen now, so I can legally watch porn
LogicTF2: Why would you want to watch porn when there's Nickelodeon HD on the internet

LogicTF2: I can't play aggressive when that fat fuck takes 45% of the heals

average fella: A girl is texting me on snapchat and I have a boner already

Logic: How do other people watch stuff
az: I sit there and watch about twenty episodes in one sitting
Logic: Really
az: Mm
Logic: How can you do that
az: Well I sit down, turn on the show and watch it
Logic: Oh my god Az

Logic: Nutri why are you only rank 26 in casual?
Nutri: They keep kicking me for hacking

Logic: I just had to watch a TF2 melee hitting tutorial

not runyx: Hi I'm you but smol

Floodblade: I want some of that alien dick

"Submit to scanning, Pilot" "Yes daddy" - Tweak

az: emi wants to know if the engie is a furry
Wrench: the engineer is indeed a furry

British Crumpet Man: Also I walked past a beach filled with topless women
British Crumpet Man: I guess france ain't so bad after all

Emi: They say you are what you eat, and I'm being a dick

Emi: there is a child in my house playing tf2 on an afk server
az: this makes me irrationally upset

19:39 - ❤ Logic ❤: Stinson is using his girlfriends discord account so we have to refer to him as "Stinson"
19:46 - az: As opposed to referring to him as what?
19:46 - ❤ Logic ❤: umm
19:46 - ❤ Logic ❤: Stinson
19:46 - az: lmao
19:46 - ❤ Logic ❤: wait
19:46 - ❤ Logic ❤: they're the same thing

Stinson_Out: Raping is fun
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Ah, good, you didn't get lost on your way here
Welcome, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way:
The Amaranthine Trib is not going anywhere. Ever. So don't even bother offering. --> Trade offer link
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Mercing: Please read further down
Great, now that that’s out of the way, let’s continue:

Who am I?
yes hello i'm azzie i'm bad at conversations

About me
Well the first and most obvious thing about me is that I main Pyro in the game Team Fortress 2. I’m an aged 19 trans girl who lives in England, I'm in love with a cute Australian dork, and I have just finished treatment for Leukemia (a form of cancer). (Also, please note I am quite quietly spoken and have quite severe social anxiety, and asking me to speak up/more isn't going to change that very much)

Adding me
Go ahead, I’ll probably ignore you, and even if I accept you I might not keep you around for long, I'm really not one for talking to people unless I already know them

Sure, send me an invite if I'm in TF2, I'll probably join you unless I'm already with someone/in a comp game, but I probably won't join any voice chats, I'm insecure and the idea of doing that makes me panic (don't take it personally if I don't though, sometimes I just don't feel like playing with people)

Comp Experience
I was main Pyro for the team Solaris Aeterno in S18 UGC Iron, main Pyro for Dignity Zero in S19 UGC Steel, main Pyro for Double Upload (UGC Steel S20, finished 4th; UGC Silver S21, finished 8th; UGC Silver S22, finished 5th; UGC Silver S23, finished 3rd), sub Pyro for Medpicking Medic in ETF2L Mid HL S11, main engie for az can't make thurs sry in ETF2L open S12, and Main Pyro for Reverie E-Sports [] in ETF2L S13, finished 3rd. My current teams is Main Pyro for Double Upload in UGC Platinum, and Main Pyro for Reverie E-Sports in ETF2L Mid

Yeah, I can merc, just shoot me a message, I’m normally available. Be aware though that my teams come first, so if I’m already with either one of them, I’ll have to refuse.

Contacting me
I probably won't want you to, but if you have to then add me, and leave a comment saying why.
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Are you sure you main pyro?
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+rep cool gal
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good mercy player nice hoovy recharger
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such a role modal
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