6/9   Viet Nam
Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ

~ Helix (Score:20) defeats FeelsBadMan (Score:18) in duel to 20 on Badlands spire
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Some random chat
d3dstar: yeyy
d3dstar: <3 u
Rusterino: copy this chat rite now
d3dstar: ....

D3Dstar™: iduncare
Totally not Rust: and take a screenshit
D3Dstar™: iDUNCARE
Totally not Rust: gotcha
D3Dstar™: about being gei or not
Totally not Rust: k k

Desky™: im 2 gud
Desky™: go sux ur desk
Desky™: wow
D3Dstar™: oh wait
D3Dstar™: no.
Desky™: i need
Desky™: to
D3Dstar™: no.
Desky™: copy
D3Dstar™: no.
Desky™: this
D3Dstar™: no.
Desky™: to
D3Dstar™: no.
Desky™: my
D3Dstar™: NO
Desky™: profiles
Desky™: YES
D3Dstar™: .........
D3Dstar™: ._.
D3Dstar™: fokin

D3Dstar™: boku no
D3Dstar™: pico
Rusterino: what the
D3Dstar™: PICO

D3Dstar™: waii..
D3Dstar™: wai u leave me
D3Dstar™: and go with another one
D3Dstar™: im so lonely

TMG bready: imma watch some porn
TMG bready: i mean
TMG bready: youbue
Meow!: lol

Mr.Chu-TF2: now im sitting here listening a calm rain sound
Mr.Chu-TF2: mix with ur music
ゴック猫: hmmm
ゴック猫: it would be nice.
Mr.Chu-TF2: :D
Mr.Chu-TF2: thank you [look how happy he is]

Vito: nig
Vito: ze only thing need to be trans here is your sex
愚かな猫: u niggy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Vito: so i can Putin it
Vito: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Aløne: im gonna kit hao one day and i believe i will
Meow!: k
Aløne: i dont care if she older than meh ;(

Aløne: FUCK
Aløne: YoU
Aløne: ;(
Meow!: yeh bish
Meow!: fuck me
Aløne: im already fucked u
Aløne: Im ur gf
Meow!: k
Aløne: Ehehehhehehehehehehheheheh
Meow!: so basically
Meow!: u r my gf
Meow!: then u will never kit hao
Meow!: ez
Aløne: fak
Aløne: at least i kited u
Meow!: what the

A!one: ;'(
A!one: thong dit' em pls
Marianna♥: vcl

Pozi: Wanna know how i masturbate
Pozi: I touch the tip
Pozi: And then i cum a little
Pozi: And then i smell my sperm
Sync: Wowwowwowow
Lee: Dafuq bro
teehee: wtf

Shinderu: go fkin die
Synchronice: when i'm falling down
Synchronice: will you pick me up again?
th: i suck a dick
acervus: nobody can drag me down
acervus: i love bbc
th: i love dick

Lợi Thành
Ill burn your house dracomm
Dracomm Axl
il burn ur gf
wit syncs cock

6:18 PM - saiyajin: duh
6:19 PM - Shake: there r so many "fat"
6:19 PM - Shake: u should ban every1 has their name with that word
6:19 PM - Shake: fat/star
6:19 PM - Shake: also ban fatstar too, he's hacking anyway

A little messages from Desky.
DeD*: ok rust
DeD*: i'm sorry for blaming you
DeD*: a lot
DeD*: i know you tried
DeD*: i tried too but made more mistakes than i shoudl be
DeD*: and couldn't control myself
DeD*: so i'm sorry for yelling and blaming

scout : to get meatshot 100% 6 shots
soldier: to get directs 100% 4 clips
med: to bomb the other med and drop that bitch
demo : to go kaidus mode and get 6k

Summer in the hills,
Those hazy days I do remember.
We were running still,
Had the whole world at our feet.

Watching seasons change,
Our roads were lined with adventure.
Mountains in the way,
Couldn't keeps us from the sea.

Here we stand up in arms,
This is home where we are,
Ever strong in the world that we made.
I still hear you in the breeze,
See your shadows in the trees,
Holding on, memories never
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