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:Horzine:lease Beware of IMPOSTORS!
:Horzine:Private Profile will be BLOCKED
:Horzine:Adding without commenting for reason will be IGNORED

:Horzine:Frequently Asked Question on How to buy
:Horzine:Check what we sell or offer CLICK HERE
:Horzine:After you complete your orders, us in STEAM/Facebook to confirm your orders.
:Horzine:Check ABOVE on how to contact us in Facebook
:Horzine:All items will be tradable after 1 week from the day you order.
:Horzine:Transact via TRADE only.

:Horzine:Just in case you don't agree with our condition
:Horzine:IGNORE me!
:Horzine:Don't BUY!
:Horzine:BLOCKED me!

:Horzine:Payment Methods:
:Horzine:Haire Blawsom
:Horzine:None #

:Horzine:Group We Manage Feel Free to Join
:Horzine:Dota 2 Main Group

:Horzine:Also accepts payments from ML Kwarta Padala/LBC Money Transfer/ Western Union.

:Horzine:Proof of Purchase:
:Horzine:1. http://imgur.com/gNGSwuC
:Horzine:2. http://imgur.com/4H1MMuy
:Horzine:3. http://imgur.com/Wbwlxir
:Horzine:4. http://imgur.com/TYv3hKl
:Horzine:5. http://imgur.com/TdU9ETW
:Horzine:6. http://imgur.com/Psr5m1z
:Horzine:7. http://imgur.com/jy17tB4
:Horzine:8. http://imgur.com/8bqLZVg
:Horzine:9. http://imgur.com/kr9BxVq
:Horzine:10. http://imgur.com/q0isBiJ
:Horzine:11. http://imgur.com/8kXF9Nn
:Horzine:12. http://imgur.com/HeivCju

:Horzine::Other services
:Horzine:Rate: 50% of total cost.
:Horzine:e.g. Total cost x 0.05 = Midman Fee
:Horzine:10,000php x 0.05 = 500
:Horzine:Comment first before you ask me for Midman

:Horzine:5 sets of cards = 1 Dota 2 Immortals (i don't accept Cheat items)
:Horzine:5 sets = 500xp
:Horzine:5 sets of cards = 1 Dota 2 Immortals

Current Rate
* 0 Level - 10 Level = 2 Keys
* 0 Level - 20 Level = 6 Keys
* 0 Level - 30 Level = 12 Keys
* 0 Level - 40 Level = 20 Keys
* 0 Level - 50 Level = 30 Keys
* 0 Level - 60 Level = 42 Keys
* 0 Level - 70 Level = 56 Keys
* 0 Level - 80 Level = 72 Keys
* 0 Level - 90 Level = 90 Keys
* 0 Level - 100 Level = 110 Keys

If your'e interested in my Lvling Services comment on my wall then add me so we can start it up.
P.S. Since cards from steam market is tradable after 1 week, We can expect delays, if my cards are not enough you we can discuss for reservations and etc. Thank you.
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Ben Aug 16 @ 11:54pm 
Hi, I trade my pudge arcana for any 10 Dota2 loading screens - if you want send me trade offer, I will accept
Ben Aug 4 @ 11:05pm 
Hey, check Dota 2 Exhange bot where you can trade your useless rares or mythicals for really good items. They want just 32 rares for Codicil and 10 rares for rippers reel
Link in my profile if you need
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@naitrino bruhhhh just send me trade offer i can trust anyone you been vac.. also this my link if youre really interested
someguy Jun 5 @ 4:33am 
Hey bro, I can give my Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm arcana for all of your dota 2 loading screens (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio