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:csgoglobe: February 13, 2018 :
300 million subscriptions across 157 guides

:csgoglobe: July 31, 2017 :
250 million subscriptions across 155 guides

:csgoglobe: February 19, 2017 :
200 million subscriptions across 152 guides

:csgoglobe: June 28, 2016 :
150 million subscriptions across 148 guides

:csgoglobe: October 3, 2015 :
100 million subscriptions across 145 guides

:csgoglobe: December 18, 2014 :
50 million subscriptions across 143 guides

:csgoglobe: February 22, 2014 :
10 million subscriptions across 112 guides

:csgoglobe: February 22, 2013 :
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Individual 4 Million Unique Subscriber Milestones

:csgob: June : Juggernaut #3

:csgob: May : Sven

:csgob: April : Phantom Assassin

Individual 3 Million Unique Subscriber Milestones

:csgob: August : Slardar, Spirit Breaker, Storm Spirit, Wraith King, Pudge #28

:csgob: July : Sniper

:csgob: June : Clinkz, Spectre

:csgob: May : Huskar, Lifestealer (Jungle), Bristleback

:csgob: April : Bounty Hunter, Anti-Mage, Zeus

:csgob: March : Earthshaker, Mirana

:csgob: January : Riki, Shadow Fiend

:csgob: December : Drow Ranger, Viper

:csgob: November : Phantom Lancer, Luna, Slark, Necrophos

:csgob: October : Faceless Void

:csgob: June : Phantom Assassin, Juggernaut

:csgob: May : Sven

Individual 2 Million Unique Subscriber Milestones

:csgob: July : Keeper of the Light, Monkey King (Core) #86

:csgob: July : Centaur Warrunner, Undying

:csgob: June : Tusk

:csgob: May : Jakiro, Enchantress

:csgob: April : Lifestealer (Core), Ancient Apparition (Support),

:csgob: March : Alchemist (Radiance)

:csgob: February : Venomancer, Silencer (Core), Abaddon, Gyrocopter (Core), Dazzle

:csgob: January : Legion Commander (Core)

:csgob: December : Broodmother, Clockwork, Vengeful Spirit (Support), Invoker (Quas/Exort), Bloodseeker (Core)

:csgob: November : Lich

:csgob: October : Axe, Dragon Knight (Core), Engima, Kunkka (Core), Omniknight, Tinker

:csgob: September : Nyx Assassin (Offlane), Tiny (Core/Safe), Sniper (Core), Nature's Prophet, Lion, Night Stalker, Rubick, Pugna

:csgob: August : Lina (Core), Pudge, Ogre Magi, Tidehunter, Chaos Knight, Templar Assassin, Ursa, Legion Commander (Jungle), Shadow Shaman

:csgob: July : Magnus, Medusa, Witch Doctor, Weaver (Core), Windranger (Core)

:csgob: June : Bristleback, Outworld Devourer, Troll Warlord, Razor, Ember Spirit (Core/Magic)

:csgob: May : Anti-Mage, Morphling, Crystal Maiden, Spirit Breaker, Queen of Pain, Wraith King, Terrorblade

:csgob: April : Zeus, Storm Spirit, Huskar, Spectre, Timbersaw

:csgob: March : Earthshaker, Clinkz, Sand King, Slardar

:csgob: February : Shadow Fiend, Drow Ranger, Viper

:csgob: January : Mirana, Riki, Slark (Core/Safe), Luna

:csgob: December : Bounty Hunter, Necrophos

:csgob: October : Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer, Faceless Void

:csgob: September : Juggernaut

:csgob: June : Lifestealer (Jungle), Sven (Core)

Individual 1 Million Unique Subscriber Milestones

:csgob: August : Brewmaster (Offlane) #139

:csgob: May : Vengeful Spirit (Core) #138

:csgob: February : Phoenix (Offlane)

:csgob: November : Invoker (Quas/Wex), Underlord (Offlane)

:csgob: October : Arc Warden

:csgob: September : Lycan (Core), Monkey King (Core)

:csgob: July : Alchemist (Core/Physical), Kunkka (Support)

:csgob: June : Slark (Core/Mid), Elder Titan, Leshrac (Support)

:csgob: May : Warlock (Support), Puck, Ursa (Jungle), Beastmaster (Offlane), IO

:csgob: April : Skywrath Mage (Core)

:csgob: March : Leshrac (Core), Doom, Visage, Lone Druid (Core/Range), Gyrocopter (Core/Ganker), Earth Spirit, Bloodseeker (Jungle)

:csgob: February : Lone Druid (Jungle), Weaver (Offlane), Disruptor

:csgob: January : Batrider, Axe (Jungle), Lifestealer (Core), Silencer (Core)

:csgob: December : Oracle (Support), Sniper (Core/Mid), Brewmaster (Offlane), Centaur Warrunner, Alchemist (Core/Mid)

:csgob: November : Naga Siren (Core), Bane, Sniper (Core/Safe), Treant Protector

:csgob: October : Techies, Dragon Knight (Core/Safe), Bloodseeker (Core/Safe)

:csgob: September : Enchantress, Jakiro, Abaddon, Tiny (Core/Mid), Lycan (Jungle), Winter Wyvern

:csgob: August : Death Prophet, Ember Spirit (Core/Safe), Lina (Core), Windranger (Core/Mid), Axe (Core), Meepo, Dragon Knight (Core/Mid)

:csgob: July : Invoker (Quas/Exort), Tinker, Keeper of the Light, Weaver (Core/Safe), Undying

:csgob: June : Dark Seer, Pudge, Lion, Dazzle, Legion Commander (Jungle), Kunkka (Core), Ursa (Core)

:csgob: May 2 : Bristleback, Phoenix (Support), Ancient Apparition (Support), Chen, Tusk, Chaos Knight, Silencer (Support), Shadow Demon

:csgob: April : Clockwerk, Templar Assassin, Wraith King, Anti-Mage

:csgob: March : Night Stalker, Skywrath Mage (Support), Troll Warlord (Core/Safe), Enigma, Rubick, Outworld Devourer

:csgob: February : Legion Commander (Core), Ember Spirit (Core/Mid), Vengeful Spirit, Omniknight, Lich, Venomancer

:csgob: January : Medusa, Zeus, Spirit Breaker, Gyrocopter (Core/Safe), Magnus, Ogre Magi, Shadow Shaman (Support)

:csgob: December : Spectre, Slark (Core/Safe), Slardar, Tidehunter, Drow Ranger

:csgob: November : Queen of Pain, Broodmother, Razor, Nature's Prophet, Doom (Jungle)

:csgob: October : Timbersaw, Crystal Maiden, Morphling, Viper, Terrorblade, Huskar, Clinkz

:csgob: September : Phantom Assassin, Witch Doctor

:csgob: August : Mirana, Luna, Storm Spirit, Faceless Void, Shadow Fiend, Windrander (Core/Safe), Tiny (Core/Safe), Pugna

:csgob: July : Riki, Earthshaker

:csgob: June : Phantom Lancer, Bounty Hunter, Nyx Assassin (Core), Sand King

:csgob: May : Juggernaut

:csgob: April : Sven, Necrophos

:csgob: August : Lifestealer (Jungle)

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Criof Sep 17 @ 5:49am 
Keep it up dude! You're the best!:steamhappy:
✪DOGE Sep 14 @ 8:02am 
+Rep Best Dota 2 Guides
unusualGuy Sep 6 @ 5:09am 
hi man dog brother gamer friend ally please make a guide for 'Sniper'
juswa| Sep 5 @ 3:13pm 
Hey torte de lini... Hahaha do you hate purge? Or you are friends with him or nah? Just asking bro.. Cause both of you have a different view and different way to guide us and yeah thanks for that

Lovelots from philippines :d2antimage:
einsteinlah Aug 29 @ 8:19pm 
also small question: i play axe sometimes and use my second skill to harass but it keeps getting dispelled by something.. and i have no idea what
einsteinlah Aug 29 @ 8:17pm 
hi big fan of the guides.. can you sign my profile?