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Michael Cohen   Montreal, Quebec, Canada
i make dota 2 hero builds, thanks for using them
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Personal Achievements: February 2021
- 162 Hero Builds published and updated
- 450 Million+ Lifetime Subscriptions
- 2.3 Billion+ Lifetime Matches Played
- 90% of all daily public matches use Torte de Lini guides
- 43,470 changes made across 8 years and 114 patches
- Used by prominent community figures, pro gamers, Valve devs. and OpenAI Bots Project
- Involved in development of Dota 2 in-client Hero Guides System
- Invited talent at The International 7 (2017), digital autograph in-game
- Interviewed by Monster Energy [] Polygon [] PCGamesN [] GosuGamers []
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10,316 Hours played
This game allows you to exert your knowledge and understanding of layered mechanics (and exceptions of those game mechanisms) onto randomly-selected regional people without their permission or interest.

Heated debates can lead to forged alliances to achieve that common goal or end into displaced frustration projected onto others to substitute one's own failures and inabilities to execute one's characters' (heroes') qualities.

On the other hand, this game allows one to create 'hero build' guides as a pretense to be productive with his/her vexation as well as to fruitlessly raise the standard of expected knowledge of the game through item and ability walkthroughs in hopes that those one encounters in the future, rely on these indirect, serviced suggestion(s).

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ChipDaRippa Mar 6 @ 8:02am 
+rep very chill streams :)
bee tango Feb 28 @ 4:23am 
sir why I cannot see your guides it keeps loading and loading : (
ugwemubwem Feb 24 @ 12:36am 
guy's the goat
watch ur step Feb 10 @ 11:37am 
Hey good Sir i have some Questions about Guides. Would u mind adding me so can ask u a couple of Questions. Apreacited very much. <3
Slither11 Feb 2 @ 5:44pm 
The description for orb of corruption on your tusk guide is the same as trolls aghs
Carrot (งツ)ว Jan 22 @ 7:49am 
+rep such a nice guy. Not toxic just relaxed