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You cowards don't even play games.
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lopedo 13 hours ago 
lol go for it next time. I lost like 10 in a row to some... creature. Dragonuv? xD See? I don't even bother learning the names of the characters. I know Paul, Teddy Bear, Bob, Jin... TRUE OGREOK, Mokojin, YOOOOSHIMITSU! And then there's uh... what's that one, the Devil Jin, which is like regular Jin but devil, and... uh, old dude, the Jin people learn to play who can't execute Jin... Kazuya, that one.. and uh.. Kasumi, wait no that's DOA, Kazumi. And.. Nina. Williams. Anna? I give up.
~Noz 13 hours ago 
well damn man, lemme get those 40 Ws from you lol
lopedo 16 hours ago 
I don't care enough to learn the game so I mash buttons and sometimes lose 40 in a row other times just leave and find somebody who mashes buttons worse and win 40 in a row. :D
DoomDash Nov 15 @ 12:59pm 
Thanks which character did you play?
AMNESTY_X Nov 5 @ 11:48am 
gg's I actually climbed to Raijin today, thanks for the advice :D
Roy Jul 24 @ 5:33pm 
Keep down to hell. such that you may stay with you dad and mom,