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" I may have a British accent, but I'm pretty damn sure I'm not from England "

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“Learning never exhausts the mind” Leonardo Da Vinci

Wall Of Words #2


"I love being fucken... this thing" - Panda


Ace: Furry 682 sounds like heaven for 053 but hell for 999
Tray: YES


Ace : n O
Trayun : Y E S
Ace : NY EE EE H
Trayun : YES
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Fish God's Personnel file
Lovely Profile Pic Made by my Wonderful Friend Ace (Not gonna link to their profile due to privacy reasons)

Real Name : Mostly called AL

Height : 2.01 Meters

Weight : 79 kg

Eye Colour : ████

Race / Ethnicity : Puntius semifasciolatus

Onto TF2 Questions :

1. Do you get salty/triggered?
A. It doesn’t come in an instant, only some certain things can trigger me. I’m usually a calm guy.

2. Are you a tryhard?
A. Yes...No... I don’t know, there are times when I go full tryhard but that doesn’t mean I’ll kill friendlies too.

3. Do you play Comp?
A. Only when I have the motivation.

4. What do you main?
A. Medic... no shi-

5. Can you make me a Poster / Profile Pic?
A. Scroll down to see the details about commissions. (Written by my sister)

6. Do you ever plan on getting an unusual?
A. F**k if I know

Favourite Songs of the Old World :
V. Chetverikov-----(Only Did One Song)
"And We'll be living at that time"
Ivan Bukreev------
"Take care, soldier!"
"No sir, I will not marry!"
"Nice Guy"
Vadim Ruslanov---
"A soldier is always a soldier"
"Do Russians want another war?"
"The Alarm Bells of Buchenwald"
"The Sentry at the Post"
Yevgeny Belyaev-(Mister Kalinka)
"You are always good"
"The Golden Rye"
"The Song About Russia"
Leonid Kharitonov-(Favourite Singer)
"The Cliff"
"The Ballad About Russian Boys"
"Song of the Volga Boatmen"
"Dark Eyed Cossack Girl" (Sister's favourite too)
"Vasya-Vasilyok" (L. Kharitonov & I. Bukreev)

Now onto the non-personnel file stuff

Lil' sumthin' bout SFM

So if you're a random person, and you want me to make a poster, leave a comment then add me. That way we can negotiate on how you wanna pay me :3
20 ref - Profile Picture
30 ref - Poster
Prices will increase overtime

Favorite Artworks

Made By ❤MissOldSchool❤

Made By DoktorOldSchool (AKA Trayun)

The Wall Of Words ( For Shits And Giggles :P ) : Mainly MissOldSchool

[D|Pony] ❤❤MissOldSchool❤❤ : Im a cat Andemand, fear me >:3
[A|King] Andemand ♥ : Pff
[A|King] Andemand ♥ : IM A DOG PERSON
[M|trash] ana. : [A|King] Andemand ♥ : IM A DOG PERSON
[M|trash] ana. : proof anderman is furry
[M|trash] ana. : exposed
[D|Pony] ❤❤MissOldSchool❤❤ : rip lol
[A|King] Andemand ♥ : I aint fishy
[A|King] Andemand ♥ : fuck outta here
[D] Roho Hamster : gg
[M|trash] ana. : [A|King] Andemand ♥ : IM A DOG PERSON
[M|trash] ana. : too late
[M|trash] ana. : u been exposed
[A|King] Andemand ♥ : goddang context
[D] Roho Hamster : inb4 we all die
[A|King] Andemand ♥ : ruining my life
[D|Pony] ❤❤MissOldSchool❤❤ : lol


[T|AnimeLuver] Star Butterfly : u wanna eat damo -_o
[A|King] Andedoodoo ♥ : yes
[D|Pony] ❤❤MissOldSchool❤❤ : Is ande still here
[D|Pony] ❤❤MissOldSchool❤❤ : Yes he is
[T|AnimeLuver] Star Butterfly : hes too busy
[T|AnimeLuver] Star Butterfly : eating appah
[M|anlet] Damo : sending me noodz of his noodle


[M|trash] ana. : hi poopoo
[A|King] Ande ♥ : helo
[M|trash] ana. : poo
[A|King] Ande ♥ : poo
[D|anlet] ❤MissOldSchool❤ : poo
[A|King] Ande ♥ : slow
[M|trash] ana. : stop stalking me
[A|King] Ande ♥ : no


❤MissOldSchool❤: omg why xD
❤MissOldSchool❤: [SM] ADMIN: Damo wurde gekickt (Grund: getting arrested)
Damo disconnected. Reason: getting arrested
Damo: wtf is that commie speak
❤MissOldSchool❤: Thats German
❤MissOldSchool❤: idiot
Damo: o
Damo is now Offline.


Damo: 90% of ja is gay or bi
Damo: or furry
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im from scp rp fam
Harper™ Aug 5 @ 9:51pm 
It's COOL to be gay!
Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend to tell them how COOL they are!
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omae wa mou shindeiru
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This ♥♥♥♥♥ be a polish