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8 levels. 107 rediculously easy achievements. 10 minutes of playtime *maybe*.

Don't buy it, there are much better and much longer free online flash games. I mean, come on, there's only 8 levels!

Every level can be beat by "propsurfing" on a piece. (For anyone else who thought level 6 was glitching, the spikes grow and it doesn't tell you, just move the guys to the ground on the sides.)
Posted August 18, 2017.
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Everything good about Portal made even better. Wonderful story mode, excellent puzzles, great new concepts. Still playing this masterpiece a five years after release, which is more than can be said for a lot of games. The level editor is an amazing new addition that truly sets this game over the top.
Posted November 27, 2016. Last edited November 27, 2016.
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I loved this game and supported it, bought all the DLC and everything, played it for hundreds of hours and had a great time but as of the most recent update, the game is absolute garbage.

They added crates and keys that give weapon skins CS:GO-style. But Overkill couldn't even get that right and the weapon skins affect the stats of the weapon (damage, accuracy, etc.) And this is right after they promised that everything in Crimefest would be free. You have the free opportunity to pay them? Plus this is after Almir Listo, producer of the game and head of Overkill, said "We've made it clear that PAYDAY 2 will have no micro-transactions whatsoever (shame on you if you thought otherwise!)" Shame on you, Almir!
Plus there's the whole fiasco with pd2stats.com. Overkill recently released a feature called the "FBI Files" which is mostly the same thing that pd2stats.com was. The creator was promised that the FBI Files would not be like pd2stats and they wouldn't kill it. But of course, FBI Files is pretty much an exact clone. Now there isn't the funding for that or lastbullet.net, the go-to site for PAYDAY 2 mods. You can read more about this on pd2stats.com while it's still up.
That's not even the only thing they stole. The decapitations from Jiro's sword? HoxHud headshot decapitations. Speaking of HoxHud, which was an Overkill-approved mod that made the game so much better, that's over now, too. This new update screwed over mod creators as well! Now I'm no technical guy so I can't give much of an explanation, but HoxHud's group page says "the current update has rendered HoxHud and all other Lua based mods inactive"
Not to mention anything else, like the rumors the game is going free-to-play.

Within a few days Overkill went from one of the best companies to one of the worst. The game itself is fun I suppose, but don't support it until they set everything straight.
Posted October 17, 2015. Last edited October 17, 2015.
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A really ♥♥♥♥♥♥ console port. All the controls are for Xbox controllers and I have no god damn idea how to do anything. If you don't have an Xbox controller don't even bother with this.
Posted June 23, 2015.
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Early Access Review
This game is a piece of♥♥♥♥♥♥ Why was it Greenlit?
All you do as far as I can tell is walk around in the grass and maybe shoot a gun eventually. That's it. Nothing else. You walk around in the grass. It reminds me of an old default Windows screensaver, just walking around in a field. And maybe shooting targets. I don't know, I couldn't even get to that. I get terrible FPS on such a tiny game, but that might just be my computer. But I can run TF2 and DayZ better than this - both games I'd rather be playing.
This game attempts to be funny, and to be a joke, but it fails at even that. It's a complete piece of♥♥♥♥♥♥ not a game, not a joke, NOTHING!
Maybe, MAYBE at some point in the distant future this game will be worth $10, but right now - not at ALL.
0/10 I would never reccomend ever.
Posted November 14, 2014. Last edited November 14, 2014.
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sorry nasa
Posted July 8, 2014.
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