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harry cox : nice one cookie
*DEAD* Hiddenstar : COOKIE sucks
*DEAD* COOKIE 8) : haha thx
(Voice) Joker 8): MEDIC!
*DEAD* Hiddenstar : ♥♥♥♥ you
Hiddenstar : cookie is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ noob
*DEAD* Cartral : lol
COOKIE 8) : hahahahahahahaha

6:40 PM - AcesGamer xD: hello
6:40 PM - Berob501: hi
6:40 PM - Berob501: your the actual acesgamer right?
6:40 PM - AcesGamer xD: no
6:40 PM - Berob501: oh
6:41 PM - AcesGamer xD: dreams_crushed
6:41 PM - Berob501: thats the real acesgamer?
ṽ⧉ Kartyac Sep 16 @ 4:44am 
As tempting an offer it is to play engineer on your iron 6s team this upcoming season, I will have to politely decline. You see, I am above playing video games. Life is my video game now. Time to level up! Right, gamers?! Haha. Okay, see you out there champ! :lunar2020confidentrooster:
.saga Sep 6 @ 1:27am 
what happened to acesgamer?
METHCREE Aug 5 @ 2:12pm 
pokimane sub Aug 1 @ 11:36pm 
hah gay
ṽ⧉ Kartyac Jul 23 @ 3:31am 
Hi, yes, I would like to leave a message for one : Ivan.
Yes, okay, I was just reaching out to you, Ivan, today, to see, if like, I could like, play on your e-league team??? I'm, like, extremely qualified, and like, I LOVE video games!!

I know you will make the correct decision...

:death: <-OR ELSE *laughs maniacally, like the joker from that one movie... The Joker"
nic May 7 @ 10:52am 
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