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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 3:31pm

Powering Up

Acquire your first ArFA-sys part.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 11:03am

Second Helping

Acquire your second ArFA-sys part.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 11:05am

Color Coordinated

Change the color of an outfit.
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 3:10pm

Uniquely Dead

Defeat your first Unique Enemy.

Award Hunter

Acquire all achievements.

Triple Tune-Up

Acquire your third ArFA-sys part.

Attack on the SBC Flügel!

Defeat the SBC Flügel's gatekeeper.


Beat the game on Extreme difficulty.


Create 5 outfits.


Enhance or transform weapons 10 times.


Appraise items 15 times.


Exchange medals for items 3 times.

The Info Broker

Purchase info from Argo.

Allowance, Please!

Give your ArFA-sys an allowance of 100,000 credits or more.

Welcome to the World of PvP

Participate in an online PvP match.

Veteran Gunslinger

Win 5 online PvP matches.

Welcome to the World of Co-op

Participate in an online co-op quest.

Boss Hunter

Defeat 10 types of bosses in online co-op quests.

Master of the Arts

Acquire all Weapon Arts.


Have one stat of 150 or higher.

Maxed Out

Reach max level of a skill or gadget.


Acquire 100 skills and/or gadgets.

Weapon Master

Reach the maximum level for a weapon category.

The Ultimate Warrior

Reach the maximum level for all weapon categories.

Bounty Hunter

Complete every Hunting Quest.


Complete every Unique Enemy Quest.

Seeker of Fortune

Complete every Treasure Quest.


Make it into the Bounty Ranking Top 10.

Top Dog

Reach 1st place in the Bounty Rankings.

Elite Player

Reach level 100.

Oooh, Shiny!

Acquire a Legendary weapon.

Try It On?

Give a friend an outfit as a present.

Master and Me Will Always Be Together!

Grow close to your ArFA-sys.


Have a sleepover.

You Belong to Me!

Grow close to Kureha.

Right-Hand Woman

Grow close to Zeliska.

Gift of a Gun

Receive a gun from Itsuki.

Popular Player

Deepen your friendship with Premiere, Strea, Philia, and Rain.

Proof of Friendship

Grow close to Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, Sinon, Lisbeth, Silica, Agil, Klein, Yuuki, Yui, and Argo.

Best Friends Forever

Reach affinity level 4 with all friends (excluding additional characters).

Hardcore Gunner

Complete 12 Hardcore Co-op Quests.

On Another Level

Reach level 270.

Proof of a Hero

Complete every Solo Hero Quest.

Hot as Hellfire

Defeat Snowstorm Ereshkigal on Extreme difficulty.

Snowscape Subjugator

Defeat Cocytus Nifta on Extreme difficulty.

Band of Heroes

Complete 15 types of Party Hero Quests.

Locked and Loaded

Obtain one of the weapons added in "Dissonance of the Nexus".

Dress the Part

Craft a Chic Dress F.

Time for Some Shut-Eye

Have sleepovers with Yuna, Eiji, and Seven.

Like a Dream

Have a sleepover with Sachi in Kirito Mode.

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