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im just some nerd living in some world full of some other nerds

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dispenser took 1 push: ?
ˢʳRyukₘₘ: you didnt get a single spree last night
dispenser took 1 push: i didnt play lastnight
dispenser took 1 push: lmao
ˢʳRyukₘₘ: dont throw facts in my face
dispenser took 1 push: lmao
ˢʳRyukₘₘ: you didnt get a spree
ˢʳRyukₘₘ: thats what matters here
ˢʳRyukₘₘ: youve also never stopped a school shooting
ˢʳRyukₘₘ: you fucking bystander

ˢʳRyukₘₘ: getting moved to main because the old main quit: small brain
getting moved to main because you're better than the old main: large brain
getting moved to main because you're throwing in scrims: ASCENDED
dispenser took 1 push: lmao
ˢʳRyukₘₘ: -meta

Scorchie : shit.
Scorchie left the game (Disconnect by user.)

*DEAD* jim : i hate u zen
?zen? : ik
jim : :(

*DEAD* ? ? CLOUD ? ? : Oh my god.
*DEAD* ? ? CLOUD ? ? : This fucking cunt.
HackOsorusRex™ : ;-;l

*DEAD* Chef : Nice facestab cunt

Girth : hackosorus is definitely using an aimbot
Girth : i hate aimbot snipers
Girth : sorry i double sticky jumper jumped across the map and he headshotted while flying super fast
Girth : unlikely to shot

Need Festive Hunstman : hackasaurus is gey
*DEAD* Need Festive Hunstman : hack you are gay

*DEAD* [DoD] Biggles : wow facestabs
*DEAD* [DoD] Biggles : nice

*DEAD* Southern Coast of Antarctica : when you watch yourself get backstabbed
*DEAD* Southern Coast of Antarctica : thanks volvo

*DEAD* Cave Johnson : holy fuck this team is useless

*DEAD* UnitedN51 : hackosorusrex is hacking
UnitedN51 : kick him
Mr. Grugan : oh whoAH
UnitedN51 : he's aimbot
HackOsorusRex™ : k
HackOsorusRex™ : totally
Bad Doctor : We're on it

Jake Paul : my team is a bunch of fucking idiots
*goes 4-15 in casual as pyro*

newt226 : god dammit facestabs

*gets a stairstab*
*DEAD* Kill Switch : how
*DEAD* :l : :)
*gets another stairstab*
Kill Switch : gtfoh
:l : :D
*gets a cornerstab*
*DEAD* Kill Switch : nahh
*DEAD* :l : :D\

K-rw: "drunk"
was barely buzzed last time
Kefka The Bogan: Boi
ill buy some coke then
K-rw: LOL

*DEAD* The_mighty_road : ur still hacking k-rw
The_mighty_road : fuk off u piece of shit

I like anime dont look at me like Im wierd

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Ahegao✧Trap Jul 9 @ 12:58pm 
Hey guys! Who wants to ERP? Just @ me in this forum thread and I'll respond! I hope you don't mind me playing my fursona, Juniper Leaf, a half-serval, one-third wolf, one- third bunny girl! She's pretty tall, like around 6' 8" heh, and has kind of a punk aesthetic. Her nose is pierced with one of those semi-circle piercings(don't know what they're called lol) and so is her left eyebrow(her left)! Her hair is a nice platinum blonde that's weaved over to one side of her head, obviously, and is shaven on both sides. She's very aggressive, she'll like totally pounce on you and tap that~, and can come off as a big ♥♥♥♥♥♥. Underneath, though, she's real B I G softy who just puts up a tough front cause she's shy and insecure, so don't be mean to her !!! DM me for a more detailed description of her if interested, or just ask me here to make it easier! Don't forget to subscribe to the thread!
find Jul 9 @ 5:17am 
Invites me to the nest then games all over me. :Dragonia_expression2:
Steffie Jun 25 @ 11:27pm 
River water is incredibly pure - anything that has passed through so many kidneys must be.

Book: "Should I remind you of the story of the Good Samaritan?"

Mal: "I'd rather if you didn't."
You shouldn't have to pay for your love with your bones and your flesh.
-- Pat Benatar, "Hell is for Children"

Stewie: OK, Rupert, what do you think of our Mad Lib? [clears throat]
Stewie: [reading] Cinderella had two step-'watermelons', who were very 'smelly' to her. So her fair god'toilet' turned her pumpkin into a big 'fanny', and sent her off to the 'poop'. [short laugh]
Stewie: Oh, how ruthlessly absurd.
I must have a prodigious quantity of mind; it takes me as much as a
week sometimes to make it up.
-- Mark Twain, "The Innocents Abroad"

Weiler's Law:
Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself.

Baku May 30 @ 4:04pm 
+rep great game lol
Smiley! May 15 @ 9:10pm 
accidentally wiped my friends list
its me squid :>