Lali   Kisvarda, Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg, Hungary
I'm Deaf (hearing loss)
They no reason...?

Level 0 - 2010 JAN 2
Level 45 - 2016 SEP 15
Level 66 - 2016 NOV 8
Level 80 - 2016 DEC 26
Level 95 - 2017 FEB 6
Level 100 - 2017 FEB 7
Level 120 - 2017 ARP 14
Level 150 - 2017 JUN 27
Level 200 - 2017 AUG 10
Level 225 - 2017 SEP 24
Level 256 - 2018 APR 8

I want games:
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Universe Sandbox 2
Civilization 6
Shadow Warrior 2
The Universim (maybe)
Mafia 3
Planet Coaster

I want items:
CS:GO items more
Cards crafting more
PUBG items more
TF2 items more...
Don't need:
mini game others (why do you like?)
Space wars
I don't understand make craft...
Game hard
Too stand english game

do you don't like CS:GO shitty skin and case... (very low $...) you like can give me? :foxy:


My ISP T-Home :

How to steam level wars?
Currently Online
Hello! Please read my Profile!
HEY! Look ---> :ok_abs: <--- Look

Please don't add me as a Steam friend unless you know me well!
I won't accept friend requests from people I don't know.
However, everyone can add me as a friend on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Twitch, Faceit etc... even if
you don't know me.


TELEGRAM MY GROUP : *Private group*

Discord : GyLala#0777 (Must message don't use request friend i don't remember you)
Twitter : @GyLala999 (Must message)
Furaffinity : GyLala (Must Note)
Telegram : @GyLala (Must message)
My stream: Mixer [], Twitch [], YouTube : GyLala#1337 <- I have no idea random luck xD


Maybe add steam?
-Furry (FAKE? or REAL?) And Near KM (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania... etc)? I don't think xD
-Old friend
-Leave comment?????

My smurf Account

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2010 Jan 2 - 2018 May 25

Friends: 318 (0 bots)

BLOCK = VERY RUDE AND SPAM! Months soon unblock!

Website of my boyfriend <3 []
I work on a game engine: "Clickteam Fusion 2.5" (Still not completed... yet :D)

My Name: GyLala (Lali irl)
You have Boyfriend?: Yes ;3
Age: 22, How old are you?! :D
Gender: I am male.. gay?
Sexual Orientation: Stalker! You must ask :3
From: MAGYARORSZÁG damn.. Hungary :D
Relationship: I am a Furry Lover, so no special relationship :o
English: I do speak english, but not good.. This was written by a Friend
Hungarian: Not really x3
Russian: No, what you want russian? CYKA
Chatting: Yes, we can chat, I would like to :3
Fav. Animal: Fox <3
Furry: uhm... yes? :D
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 (32GB)
Workroom: I have a mug and a T-Shirt.. x3
Sickness/illness: Blood pressure (Hypertension), Aggression (Headache), often Migraine :c
Specials: I am Deaf (disability)

You like RP/ERP? maybe.. or not? I am good at hugs x3
Are you RICH?! Nope, I am actually really poor, but I wait for sales etc. (rip Hungary)
Likes: Friends, Furries, Games, Funny things, Deaf gaming and more
Dislikes: Hungarian language, deaf-non-gaming, CSGO invites, private Profiles, people, who unfriend me and more


Payday 2
Serious Sam
Tabletop Simulator (boring alone)

:hellsfury: Online - We can Chat or play a Game
:hellsfury: Busy - I am busy, so I respond late
:hellsfury: Away - Afk or else
:hellsfury: Looking to Play - Tell me if you want to play
:hellsfury: Offline - Well? Offline, maybe I sleep, but I told you, I have a phone :D

Combat Arms Europe
In game name: GyLala (RIP 2012-2017 sell/share account)
Rank: General of the Army (CIC1?) (2017)
Fav. Mode: Quarantine Regen
Real Screen CA []
Transformice : Level 52
CS:GO: Legendary Eagle
GTA 5: (1 time banned for no reason): Level 105 – 10mio.$ (by Modder: 50000+RP spam)
I got helped by MrcredsAlex (good friend) (typing 200+ wpm, programming, Great English, Fixes PC 200fps after 300fps, He must be a robot xD)

Gifts or Donations ~ Thanks :foxy:
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Thanks for Reading my Profile :3 [] (Credits to Dragonツ for writing this)
Favorite Group
Foxes Gaming United - Public Group
Gamer Foxes :D
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Workshop Showcase
Made map editor by: GyLala
Made texture by: Marley for Emotion Team
Fixed by: PiotrekPolska
Official Map by: Valve

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23 hrs on record
last played on May 27
144 hrs on record
last played on May 27
Mcfurry 21 hours ago 
furry trash
GyLala May 26 @ 1:15pm 
@SpEed Hmm but don't need. fine thanks
SpEed Ω Graphic Designer May 26 @ 8:58am 
Hi Gylala, I saw your profile and noticed that you didn't have a Steam animated artwork. I'd like to know if you wanted to have one.
If you do, Here is my portfolio :
(If you want an example of what an animated artwork looks like, check out my steam profile)

If you have any questions, let me know.
Discord : SpEed#7153
GyLala May 26 @ 6:57am 
im good chess but hard xd
JCR101 May 26 @ 6:41am 
How good are you at chess?
GyLala May 26 @ 6:38am