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Posted: Nov 20, 2021 @ 9:20pm
Product received for free

Sadly I can't recommend in it's current state. Reviews can be updated later and I'm confident this one will be, but unfortunately I've been let down on this release. This isn't just a classic Battlefield launch with bugs, I've seen what those look like, this is a product of poor decision making mixed with, probably, too early of a release date.

The beta was amazing, it reignited some old friendships and got some old friend groups together, it was really good fun and got me so excited for the release, same with all my friends, we were all ready to play the game with each other and experience Battlefield again, but that didn't happen.

It runs HORRIBLY on computer, it's very unoptimized and the servers as expected are very bad, some of my friends can't even play the game despite playing games like Halo and Vanguard just fine. Hit registration feels dodgy, I have no idea if I'm about to kill someone or be killed regardless of my advantage on them, and that's also because of the ridiculous amount of bloom on the weapons (bullets spray within an invisible circle rather than on your crosshair/reticle), I can't see how good I'm doing compared to my team mates because no scoreboard, I can't talk to the enemy which makes a casual non-competitive game like Battlefield feel dry and empty, it cuts out approximately 50% of the interactions I COULD be having. I can't play Portal and get weapon XP because a few bad apples (XP farmers) ruined the bunch, disable weapon progression for kills on bots, problem solved, not harder to do than disabling progression on Portal as a whole. Team play does not exist, almost every operator's abilities are used strictly for selfish uses, wing gliders, placeable shields, a riot shield, nobody picks their operator to do team play, they pick it because it benefits them. I can't see medics near me, I skip every revive because why wouldn't I get into the action faster guaranteed instead of waiting for a medic to MAYBE show up? There's no reason to not repeat features we love. There's so many more issues but I can't be bothered to type them, DICE won't see this because they've specifically stated they read Reddit and their forums more.

This Battlefield is a huge step backwards as well as in the wrong direction. Features that've been here either for years or since the beginning of the franchise are gone. What were they thinking? Did they think we wouldn't notice or know better? I believe they'll fix it, but after Battlefield V completely losing the developers support so soon after the release of the game, I'm seriously worried.

I don't recommend this game in it's current state. Wait a bit, wait to see improvements that you want to see, and when you see them implemented you can make that decision, I hope you enjoy it and if you do enjoy the game right now I'm happy for you, but I and a bunch of my friends do not.
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Chinese_Police8 Nov 28, 2021 @ 4:50pm 
But it's a free game for you.
The First Breed Nov 27, 2021 @ 10:28pm 
Ty for the review.
torokki Nov 22, 2021 @ 11:37pm 
free aka from my wallet as a gift
ae Nov 22, 2021 @ 11:33pm 
You literally got it for free :steamfacepalm: