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Accepting all trash. All time online.
Automatically accepting trade. Thx.

:Health2SD: Trade Link :Health2SD:
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About trading...[24/7, 📱✅]
I have 2.000+ cards and I want to trade. My first goal is to help you to complete your badges. The Items are almost all open for trade, depend on your offer. I accept wallpapers or emoticons, but not in exchange with cards. If you try to scam me, I will block you immediately.

If you agree with the following rules (:burning_flames:), send me an offer!

Send me a trade offer :clickpointer:

:ADNalert: Update : Full Sets for CS:Go & TF2 Key :cleankey: :ADNalert:
:heartpr: If you want a comment from me on your profile after a successful trade, add "comment" to the message field of the trade window.
:heartpr: Mobile Authentication (MA): Enabled
:heartpr: If you have MA enabled too, fast trading is still possible
:heartpr: I do accept the offer even if you have disabled MA

:cozybethesda: Special Thanks & Donators :cozybethesda:
I've to thank a lot of people for keeping this little project running. Anyway, there a few people which I would like to thank deeply. So here we go...

:hearth1:#0: gil : Great rl friend :2018bestaward:, hrs of help!
:hearth1:#01: ៣axDeus : 1x Don't Starve Together, 1x Minion Masters, 57x Trading Card, 1x Profile Background, 40 Gems
:hearth1:#02: Tatsumaki - Fubuki : 2x Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, 2x Trading Card
:hearth1:#03: Dodo : 1x Sack of Gems
:hearth1:#04: Rxx : 670 Gems, 9x Trading Card, 2x Emoticon, 1x Profile Background, 4x Reclaimed Metal, 2x Scrap Metal
:hearth1:#05: ♥Azi♥ : 26x Profile Background, 23x Emoticon, 3x Scrap Metal, 3x Reclaimed Metal, 2x Refined Metal
:hearth1:#06: AsteroidB612 : 6x Foil Trading Card, 39x Profile Background
:hearth1:#07: The Jerodian : 3x Foil Trading Card, 21x Trading Card
:hearth1:#08: TerresDz : 5x Foil Trading Card, 1x Trading Card
:hearth1:#09: Comrade : 260 Gems
:hearth1::#10: MNISkeption : 10x Trading Card
:hearth1:#11: Ferelton : 2x Foil Trading Card
:hearth1:#12: woodrow : 4x Trading Card
:hearth1:#13: GodLike : 4x Trading Card
:hearth1: Gagi_998 : 3x Trading Card
:hearth1:#15: GeT_cock and balls : 2x Trading Card
:hearth1:#16: Cloud : >500 Gems along many trades
:hearth1:#17: from_alan : 1x Trading Card, 1x Profile Background, 1x Emoticon, ~40 Gems along many trades
:hearth1:#18: Pr0f4zok3 : 1x Trading Card
:hearth1:#19: SmittenPie: :divineheart:

:bolt:Trading rules for Trading Cards & CS:GO :bolt:

:ATTA: Trading Card Rules :ATTA:
Single set trades
1:1 same card set

Mixed set trades
I only accept mixed set trades if the offered value is (slightly) higher then what's asked, since I'm accepting random cards (incl. duplicates) for cards you're looking for. Values used are not exactly the market value but they help give an indication of what would be acceptable. I can accept some CSGO items or others items.
Ratios: | 1:2 | 2:4 | 3:6 | 4:8 | and so on...

:heartg: Other trade possibilities :heartg:
:medkit: FULL SETS for CS:Go & TF2 KEY (see special offers section)
:medkit: 1 Card :LIS_PolaPhoto: = 220 gems :shinealight:
:medkit: Booster packs : 1:2 (Depends on value)
:medkit: MY CSGO Keys for Quicksell (max. 80% of market price) and for CSGO items only! (see special offers section)

:trafficlight:Special offers :trafficlight:

Full Sets for CS:GO & TF2 Keys :cleankey:

I will trade 5 FULL SETS (:tradingcard: = 500 XP) for 1 CS:Go or TF2 KEY . You can choose full sets of the following games (depending on stock)

:healing_balm: Blood of Old
:healing_balm: Canyon Capers
:healing_balm: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
:healing_balm: Deadly Profits
:healing_balm: Fiends of Imprisonment
:healing_balm: Heaven Island Life
:healing_balm: Krog Wars
:healing_balm: Make it indie!
:healing_balm: Mini Attack Submarine
:healing_balm: The Deer
:healing_balm: The Slaughtering Grounds
:healing_balm: Why So Evil
:healing_balm: Wyatt Derp
:healing_balm: ...contact me for other full sets. We can negotiate for sure!

CS:GO Items (QS only, max. 80% market value)
:healing_balm: Shadow Case Key (17x)
:healing_balm: Falchion Case Key (3x)
:healing_balm: Chroma Case Key (3x)
:healing_balm: Chroma Case Key (3x)
:healing_balm: Revolver Case Key (3x)
:healing_balm: Operation Phoenix Case Key (2x)

Available Full Sets
:healing_balm: Adorables
:healing_balm: Agent Awesome
:healing_balm: Airstrike HD
:healing_balm: Attrition: Nuclear Domination
:healing_balm: Axis Football 2015
:healing_balm: Bell Ringer
:healing_balm: DarkEnd
:healing_balm: Deadly Profits
:healing_balm: Defend Your Life
:healing_balm: Deponia
:healing_balm: Devils Share
:healing_balm: Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh
:healing_balm: Doorways: The Underworld
:healing_balm: Endorlight
:healing_balm: GabeN: The Final Decision
:healing_balm: Galactic Hitman
:healing_balm: GooCubelets
:healing_balm: Grimoire: Manastorm
:healing_balm: Incoming Forces
:healing_balm: Invasion: Brain Craving
:healing_balm: Ionball 2 : Ionstorm
:healing_balm: Journey To The Center Of The Earth
:healing_balm: Keen Dreams
:healing_balm: Kidnapped
:healing_balm: ...and 100+ more

:2017stickypopsicle: Note :2017stickypopsicle:

:earth1: Please leave a comment when you send a trade. I may decline the offer if you don't!
:earth1: When I'm online fast trading (1:1) is possible.
:earth1: When you received a decline within the first 4 min and you don't understand why, please contact me and leave a note here.
:earth1: If you are interested and want to add me for future trades, please leave a note here before you send out a friend request.

:csgox: Items excluded from my inventory :csgox:

:revbit: Any Boosterpacks which I dont have at least twice
:revbit: Any CSGO cases
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