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I'll automatically block you if you have a private profile OR your steam level is less than 2

Please don't add me if you want me to overpay.

If you have recently created your account then write a message on my profile and I'll add you.

If it's a simple trade, drop me a trade offer.

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Please do not try the below scams on me.
1. Impersonator
2. Paypal Invoice
3. The Item is glitched, send it to a friend.
4. "I will choose my middleman"
5. My friend offers a holding service till I get keys.
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Harend Oct 3 @ 8:13pm 
added for fun
BOB _!_ Sep 11 @ 8:05am 
Ur profile was awesome that y adding u
Selling/buying keys skins
'_' Jun 13 @ 12:35am 
bro please accept
✪Andreid Mar 19 @ 7:10am 
+rep Nice guy ! please acc .. to be friend and in the future .. to trade
✪Ghost Mar 13 @ 12:16pm 
I like u ur a awesome guy i think ur good in csgo and the comments u have that are like quit csgo noob ur a scammer or hacker or some shit should be removed