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Posted: Mar 13 @ 8:55am
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Unicorn adventure, the Game

While I write this review, the positive reviews are 97%, which is really nice that the community can stick together here. You don't see indie developer/play with visual novel that they are often played or played a lot. But this game has from the first second when you start this game really more correctly than Tripple a title. You really have many options and if you use them all in this game you can really have a lot of fun with little money.

You start with a male character that has enough of his standard live, he wants to change something completely but doesnt know how. Then out of nowhere flashes and light lights from one second to the other he was in another house and also another world. The game starts in the house and then you will no longer be able to put the game out of your fingers, as it already has it in its spell. The longer you play it, the more you can put yourself in the position of the characters and also empathize with them. It is a really good point and click game with the typical Visual Novel texts. The texts themselves are really well written that you don't want to skip them at all. The sex scenes are really well drawn and you don't lack that they are very little animated. I like to play such games, but this has captivated me that I will not stop playing it anymore. It is really a shame that the developer already stamps this game as finished, so I hope and probably also the entire FWB community that there will be DLC or a few updates in the future if the developer has time.

  • Beautiful open world in which you have a lot of possibilities
  • Texts are really well written
  • The Artworks in this game is really Beautiful
  • Für das was ihr bekommt wirklich Günstig (auch ohne Sale)
  • For what you get really cheap (even without sale)

  • If you only do the bare essentials you only have 20 hours of play
  • Sometimes there are small spelling mistakes in the German language

A visual novel game that everyone should have tried at least once. If you really enjoy it, you have enough to do and it won't get bored. Even if you have played through the story, you still have a lot of what you still want to see or haven't seen yet. It is really recommended for the price for this quality you really get a bargain. It is also a recommendation for which you can't really do anything with Visual Novel. Treat yourself to a little break in life and try something new. ; D

Thank you for reading
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