Zombie Mutation ZMGarrysmod
Zombie Mutation ZMGarrysmod
February 19, 2018
ABOUT Zombie Mutation

Official Steam Group For Zombie Mutation Gmod

Welcome to the official steam group for Zombie Mutation Gmod.
Zombie Mutation is a brand new zombiemod paying tribute to oldschool css zombiemods and also bringing brand new ideas which zombiegames havent seen before!

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It is a pvp zombiemod with one team controlling humans and the other the zombies in a fight to the death. Some Unique features of our zombiemod are a class base system for zombies and utility based item system for humans allowing for endless counter play strategies! If a zombie performs a 3 person killstreak during a single round he mutates into a stronger version of his zombieclass with augmented abilities. If a human gets a 3 person killstreak he is promoted into a stronger class with a chosing option of new guns and or items.

There are many unique zombie classes with many abilities to cater to all playstyles! Be a leaper zombie and suprise your enemy from above. Be a burnt zombie and leap out of the shadows and ignite your enemies! Be a screamer zombie and shoot out sound waves to confuse and displace enemy campers! The human team responds with utility items to assist them versus the zombie variety. Use medkits to heal, or radar scanners to detect nearby zombies. Lay a bear trap to secure behind you, or use a tar grenade to buy time to escape a zombie rush. We are always looking for more ideas!

Just like in the movies the zombies brains have to be removed to take them down. Aim for the heads! The zombies take reduced bodyshot damage and must be taken down by targeting their brains. We have created alot of code designed to optimize registration and gameplay in order to create a perfect environment for gunplay inside of gmod that has no equal in order to allow proper removal of zombie brains.

This zombiemod is not one that will let you fall asleep. There is no infinite reload, no knockback, just pure skill and tactics. The gameplay is very fluid and if you try to camp be prepared for the zombie players to group up and overwhelm you. Running and gunning and outsmarting the other player is how you play this zombiemod. It was designed from ground up by Monkeynaut and Tomgreen in order to play fast and fun. Feel free to join the group and let us know what you think of the mod. Any suggestions can be posted in discussions or comments below and Monkey and I will try to reply the best we can. This was designed to implement new ideas that other zombiemods havent done before. Help us make it even better and grow its community! Thank you.

We want to surpass all zombiemods in terms of new ideas and fun. The gameplay is fluid and rewarding for skilled players. Help us by populating the server and getting the word out!

Zombie Mutation Gmod was created by Monkeynaut and Tomgreen.
Come play! Help populate the server! ip inside
Open beta Now open! IP inside!
pvt. disguise Sep 11 @ 9:23pm 
It aint coming back but we got TTT now, Join Dickdick today!
Mack(laptop oofed) Jun 5 @ 4:23pm 
I hope monkey either suprises us with a new gamemode or open the server back up and be like (Grand reopening)
Mack(laptop oofed) May 31 @ 9:05pm 
I hope so cause now that i aint play it in a while i miss it Curse you monkey
Loon May 31 @ 11:10am 
It'll probably be back up one day
Mack(laptop oofed) May 30 @ 11:42pm 
Dead but not forgotten
Loon May 30 @ 10:23pm 
Hey, any updates on the server?
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February 19, 2018