Zombie Master: Reborn ZMReborn
Zombie Master: Reborn ZMReborn
July 31, 2017
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Mehis Aug 18, 2017 @ 7:45am
Changelog (2019/10/25)
Beta 2

- Completely remade zombie AI to be responsive and easy to control.
- Zombies now use the navigation mesh. Get them from here[]. Semi-compatible with AI graph.
- Weapon specific crosshairs.

- Rifle and revolver get accuracy penalty from moving.
- Map specific configs. (cfg/zm_mapname.cfg)
- Spectating players in first person now uses the local flashlight.
- ZM Vision now lights up zombies and players
- Modified sk cvars to better fit the new AI changes.
- Increase revolver damage to hit old breakpoints. (1 hit headshot shambler)
- Reworked Hulk and Drifter hitboxes.
- Hulk's legs are now its weakpoint. (See zm_sk_hulk_hitmult_*)
- Added rudimentary survivor bot AI.
- Made unusable radial menu buttons more obvious.
- Minor network optimizations to players and zombies.
- Possibly fixed player "vibrating" pose parameter crash.
- Fixed thirdperson flashlight beam not showing up sometimes.
- Fixed zombies not responding to weapon sounds.
- Fixed some Hulk's hitboxes not being hit.
- Fixed uppercase folders causing error textures on case sensitive filesystems.
- Fixed vm arms being invisible on player spawn.
- Fixed viewmodel weapons and arms being illuminated differently.
- Fixed line formation abnormality.
- Hats are now bonemerged.
- Cvar zm_sv_comp_zmtargetname to set ZM targetname on spawn. (zm_kink fix)
- Recompiled zombie models. Some animations are now separate (zm_classic_anims.mdl), removed useless flexes.

- Mappers can change zombie model groups. (control what models zombies will use)
- Zombie models now play more useful idle animation by default.
- Added ZM clip. Restricts ZM movement.
- Added missing detail.vbsp . (fixes detail sprites not being created when compiling)
- Added func_detail_blocker (blocks detail props/sprites) (Thanks wouterpleizier!)
- Added missing npc_maker fgd entry.
- Added missing filter_activator_team fgd entry.
- Added env_flare back.
- Applied custom detail sprite ratio fix.
- Applied VBSP func_detail smoothing group fix. (Thanks tgnottingham!)
- Applied VRAD optimization. (Thanks ryandmaclean!)

Beta 1 (9/3/18)

- New scoreboard
- New spectator ui
- New spawn and trap menus
- New viewmodel arms.
- Improved zombie textures.
- ZM can now do everything and anything while out of bounds.

- Move line command (hold RM)
- Ability to modify weapon damage/mag size/model.
- Ability to template weapons with item crate. (similar to npc_template_maker)
- Ability to spectate zombies.
- Ability to change FOV (75-120).
- Improved zombie commanding.
- Improved zombie enemy chasing. (video)
- Improved weapon viewpunch prediction.
- Fixed weapon reload stopping. (will no longer instantly attack)
- Fixed a common server crash.
- Fixed uncommon player spawn crash.
- Fixed shotgun and rifle ladder behavior.
- Fixed not being able to swat motion disabled physics objects. (Hotfix)
- Fixed held object angles being wrong.
- Fixed firstperson deathcam cvar not being archived.
- Fixed AmmoDenied usermessage spam.
- Fixed swimming T-posing animations.
- Fixed immolator env_fire m_hEffectEntity warnings.
- Fixed ZM viewport close button border being visible.
- Fixed game using a useless spectator mode.
- Fixed missing trap notify.
- Fixed invisible orbs being clickable.
- Fixed Linux soundscapes.
- Fixed brush entities blocking spawnpoints.
- Group tab is now usable.
- ZM now gets score points for killing humans. (1 for normal death, 5 for zombie kill)
- OnWin, OnLose, OnSubmit outputs for func_win.
- Zombie deletion is now bound to DELETE by default.
- All number keys are now properly bound to slotX.
- Included npc_enemyfinder back.
- ViewModelColor material proxy. See c_arms_citizen_sleeves.vmt
- Most ZM specific entities are now precached only once, on map start.
- ZM specific entities are no longer transmitted to survivors.
- Mute players menu option is now hidden. Use scoreboard to mute instead.

Alpha 7

- ZM Vision (video)
- ZM can now see certain objects outside the world. (zombies, players, props, etc.)
- Ragdolls will now fade properly oldest or unseen first and maximum count can be controlled.

- Behind the scenes changes. Credit to Tony Sergi and PazerOP.
- Fancy zombie fade-in effect. (video)
- Made ZM hud prettier.
- Firstperson deathcam. Disabled by default.
- Deathnotices can now be toggled.
- Added an option for props to glow occluded, unoccluded or always.
- Added Press-input to info_manipulate.
- Added an example map, zmr_example.
- Weapons/ammo no longer glow through walls.
- Use 1.2.1 hulk hull. (fixes hulks being able to access certain areas.)
- Improved our options menu.
- Fixed costly physics interactions tanking performance. (zm_fridgeofdoom)
- Fixed deathnotices.
- Fixed melee weapons not spawning blood.
- Fixed crash when closing the game.
- Fixed revolver using incorrect shooting sound.
- Fixed flashlight drain animation jitter.
- Fixed ZM hud elements not using correct fg color.
- Fixed some maps not distributing loadout.
- Fixed buildmenu font scaling.
- Updated FGD. (info_spawnnode, info_loadout)
- Decreased bloom scale from 1 to 0.4 .
- Bots are now ignored by anti-afk.
- Zombies can now open lootboxes to get santahats. Hats make them smile.

Alpha 6

- Glow outlines for props & weapons/ammo.
- Improved & minimized FGD.

- Added hp & ammo hud background.
- Added happyzombies.
- Shamblers can be forced to break props by double clicking.
- Localized notify messages.
- Switch to most powerful weapon on spawn. (if not found, use fists)
- Fixed ZM being able to spray.
- Fixed ZM resource hud not displaying icons.
- Fixed background maps not behaving correctly.
- Fixed dropped ammo being picked up instantly.
- Fixed props not being removed after being broken.
- Fixed ZM being transmitted to alive players. (hotfix)
- Fixed ZM voice icon being displayed.
- Fixed stuck tooltips.
- Fixed melee weapons not doing proper damage based on hitbox.

Alpha 5

- Improved zombie pathing & scheduling. Video
- Added zombie group hotkeys. (eg. pressing 1 will select group #1, duck+1 will create a group #1.)
- Added banshee ceiling ambush ability.
- Added ambush ability.

- Spawnpoints are now toggleable. (respawning/latespawning is now easy to handle by mappers.)
- Added command zm_mp_forcecamera (Disallows ZM spectating. Use this instead of mp_forcecamera).
- Tweaked scoreboard (fixes player avatar not displaying).
- Bots are back.
- forcehuman/forcezm/forcespec are back.
- Spawnpoints are now randomized.
- Increased banshee drop-jump max distance from 384 to 1024 (zm_desert_skylaboratory jump is now possible).
- NPCs now push players off their head. (zm_sv_npcheadpushoff)
- cl_bob* cvars are now usable.
- Tweaked viewmodel bobbing.
- Fixed missing AR2-ammotype (fixes func_tank not working).
- Fixed spectator ui not updating when target is damaged.
- Fixed map name being cut off in spectator ui.
- Fixed not being able to spectate ZM.
- Fixed spectator target not changing after death.
- Fixed impulse 101.
- Fixed dead zombies being lag-compensated.
- Fixed weapons being constrained even after being picked up. (eg. zm_ship bow rifle)
- Fixed lag compensation being attempted twice if bullets were fired recursively. (Trying to start a new lag compensation session while one is already active!)
- Fixed prop_dynamics with models with bone followers creating unnecessary phys_bone_followers. (woah)

Alpha 4

- Fixed lag-compensation. (particularly banshees)
- Zombie selection is now predicted.
- Added ZM tooltip w/ help tips. (zm_cl_showhelp) Will display only the first few times, don't worry.

- Added trigger_blockphysexplosion-entity.
- Added zm_giveresources, zm_printpriority debug commands.
- Added anti-groundstrafing (zm_sv_accelerate_fix)
- Added zm_hudchat for compatibility.
- Added a slight shadow to hp & ammo hud.
- Tweaked default resource/cost/popcost cvars.
- Deathnotice now properly shows a zombie kill.
- Improved client-side map resetting (fix looping sounds)
- Increased max players to 32. (16 still highly recommended)
- Zombies now face the proper direction when spawned (the ZM, rally points, etc.)
- Increased rifle/shotgun viewpunch to be similar to 1.2.1.
- Rifle/shotgun viewpunch is now predicted.
- Increased hulk's attack range to 1.2.1 scale. (70 -> 80 units)
- Rifle ammo now gives 11 as intended.
- Increased player physics damage to 1.2.1 scale.
- Increased fall damage to 1.2.1 scale.
- Fixed multiple scenarios where zombies wouldn't be able to hit humans.
- Fixed target id not showing as a spectator.
- Fixed target id not using grace period.
- Fixed molotov fire damaging other survivors.
- Fixed rifle not unzooming on drop.
- Fixed being able to shoot/reload/pump on ladders.
- Fixed being able to pickup ammo when reloading. (rifle/shotgun)
- Fixed late-spawning not respecting client's participation option.
- Fixed console death message classifying a "normal" death as a suicide.
- Fixed ChangeTeam not spawning the player. (third-party mod fix) (hotfix)
- Fixed physics object target command crash. (hotfix)
- Fixed voting being team restricted. (hotfix)
- Fixed HudMenu not having fonts. (third-party mod support)
- Change game_write to point to mod dir (fix some files not being overwritten as intended)
- Removed joingame/jointeam/spectate commands.
- Changed game description to include version.
- Flashlight hud no longer displays when recharging.

Alpha 3

- Added new player model selection panel to options.
- Zombie modes (offensive/defensive)
- Flashlight draining/flickering with new hud to show how much flashlight battery you have.
- Added version check (client & dedicated servers), will alert if new version is available.
- Downloaded files now go to gamefolder/download
- You can place custom files into gamefolder/custom/myfolder/...
- Sprays work. Furries, bronies & porn spray lovers unite! (not mutually exclusive)
- Toggle between new & old trap menu (zm_cl_usenewmenus)

- Mousewheel moving for ZM (zm_cl_mwheelmove*)
- Scoreboard hides ZM crosshair (zm_cl_hidemouseinscore)
- Changed game description to Zombie Master: Reborn
- Added team configs zm.cfg & survivor.cfg which are executed on team change.
- zm_mp_roundlimit is now 0 by default.
- Disabled startup video.
- Added events round_end_post/round_restart_pre/round_restart_post for plugins (see resource/modevents.res for more info)
- Decals & ragdolls now clear on round restart.
- Added shotgun/rifle start & finish reload anims.
- Set weapons' default clip to 0.
- Removed some unused hud elements. (suit power, ep2 flashlight)
- Fixed docksofthedead/minerinconvenience soundscapes.
- Fixed physics objects taking damage on throw. (Hotfix)
- Fixed physics objects taking extra damage on throw. (Hotfix)
- Fixed physics objects resetting "Don't take physics damage" spawnflag. (Hotfix)
- Fixed "missing schedules" (banshees not attacking) (Hotfix)
- Fixed zombies trying to swat non-solid props. (weapons/ammo)
- Fixed zombies not being able to slap away player held objects.
- Fixed banshee leap attack being stopped by weapons/ammo.
- Fixed options menu title.
- Fixed molotov fire sprite.
- Fixed voting hud being cut-off.
- Fixed certain cases where you could pickup weapons through walls.
- Fixed func_giveresources & trigger_givepoints.
- Mappers can now use flags instead of tedious zombie number flags.
- Fixed item_ammo_smg1/item_ammo_smg1_large/item_ammo_smg1_grenade Hammer crash.
- Modified default server.cfg with cvar examples.
- Set default player model as male_07.
- Fixed revolver playing incorrect reload sound.
- Fixed not being able to move build menu.

Alpha 2

- Round restart voting (F10 by default)
- Improved zombie commanding. Zombies will now ignore enemies for a short period of time when commanded.
- Custom hp & ammo hud
- New entity: info_objectives
- View map info (F1 by default)
- Anti-afk (zm_sv_antiafk*)
- HL2DM footsteps replaced with HL2 ones

- New cvars: zm_sv_playercollision, zm_sv_bulletspassplayers
- Added human kill rewards (zm_sv_reward_kill, zm_sv_reward_zombiekill)
- Carry weapon should now behave like the olden days.
- Added ZM pick priority system
- Fixed being able to break crates with carry weapon.
- Fixed certains entities (ropes, func_brush) not resetting after round restart
- Fixed zombies sometimes ignoring humans.
- Fixed banshees not wanting to chase humans at a certain range.
- Fixed a very crucial typo
- Fixed incorrect shotgun reserve ammo count
- Fixed certain spawnpoints not working/bunching up players together
- Fixed spectators being stuck in roaming mode
- Fixed eternal black screen of death (when falling to death)
- Tweaked chat colors
- Fixed trigger_playercount not working
- Disabled suicide penalty
- Implemented trigger_givepoints/func_giveresources/game_score_team
- Removed some unwanted commands
- Removed some unwanted localization entries
- Removed unused weapon_*.txt files
- Fixed trap description not wrapping
- Fixed gibs colliding with stuff.
- Fixed shotgun/revolver muzzleflashes.
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Mehis Oct 5, 2018 @ 8:55am 
Beta 3

- Multiplayer friendly zombie animations (drastic network optimizations)
- Clientside zombie hit detection
- Survivor voice menu
- Soft collisions for survivors and zombies
- ZM picking priority is now saved across maps and player reconnects

- Increased shotgun damage slightly
- Implemented missing immolator aoe burn damage
- Sped up revolver reload
- Drain & recharge flashlight at the same rate but also faster
- Decreased max shambler swat force (should be closer to 1.2.1 deadliness)

- Optionally play sound + flash taskbar whenever round restarts
- Players can now tune their ZM movement speed, acceleration, etc. (zm_cl_zmmove*)
- NPC updates are now balanced across all frames
- Servers are able to add custom player models
- Slightly easier reload cancelation
- Bunnyhopping is now capped
- Drifter halloween themed hat
- Default player model is now random
- Tweaked target id hud
- Tweaked crosshairs
- Tweaked zombie pathing to get stuck less
- Tweaked how zombie footsteps are played
- Fixed crouching prediction errors
- Fixed & tweaked voting hud
- Fixed various memory leaks
- Fixed a client crash
- Fixed weapon crosshair not being loaded at all if custom version failed to load
- Fixed spectator target name not updating on team change
- Fixed some UI elements not sorting properly
- Fixed & tweaked banshee animations after leaping
- Fixed some player model keyvalues (in zmplayermodels.txt) not working
- Fixed player base velocity carrying over to next round (poor Muob)
- Fixed zombies chasing an enemy a bit too stubbornly
- Fixed zombies getting stuck on certain surfaces
- Fixed & tweaked zombie enemy knowledge (being unaware of a survivor behind it)
- Fixed entities not getting transmitted properly when spectating a zombie in chase
- Fixed on fire effect carrying over to spectator team
- Fixed second reload sound when canceling
- Fixed & disabled spectator igniting completely
- Fixed not being able to select orbs through transparent surfaces
- Fixed hidden ZM orbs blocking visible ones from selection
- Fixed shamblers trying to swat through walls & tweaked swatting overall
- Fixed interpolation causing invalid numbers (model "vibrating" crash) (for real this time, I swear on me mum)
- Fixed immolator death crash (Hotfix)
- Fixed zombies not being able to move on lifts (Hotfix)
- Fixed missing SetHealth-input (Hotfix)
- Fixed footsteps being played in air (Hotfix)
- Fixed zombie attack crash (Hotfix)
- Fixed banshee sometimes not being able to leap jump (Hotfix)
- Fixed banshee sometimes getting stuck when leap attacking (Hotfix)
- Fixed zombie spawn toggling (Hotfix)

- Added missing lights.rad with default HL2 lights
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Mehis Apr 13 @ 5:52am 
Beta 4

- New main menu
- New mac-10, pistol and shotgun viewmodels.
- ZM and survivor bindings can be separately bound.

- Added Shambler gender equality.
- Zombie types have different spawn delays. (shamblers spawn faster, hulks slower, etc.)
- Zombies move towards weapon/player sounds in offensive mode, instead of simply attacking.
- Decreased Immolator's "touch of death" health cap to 2.
- Fixed zombies ignoring ZM swatting command if an enemy is known.
- Added missing pain/death sounds.
- Randomized walking animations some more.
- Tweaked zombies' health to hit old breakpoints.

- Combined Fists and Carry to a single weapon: "Hands".
* Use zm_cl_drawhands-cvar to hide them if you prefer "the carry look".
- Partial ammo can be picked up from ammoboxes.
- Increased shotgun damage and spread, decreased pump time.
- Rifle and revolver can penetrate zombies and the world.
- Increased rifle and shotgun viewpunch. (for that one person that kept nagging me)

- Hidden spawn changes: (spawn hidden zombies faster and cheaper.)
* Hotkeyable. (Default: R)
* Hidden spawn cost is based on proximity to other zombies.
* You can no longer spawn close to survivors.
* Map fog counts as vision blocking.
* Hidden spawn mode has a visual aid.
- Uncapped zombie selection limit.
- You can select zombies of the same type by double clicking.
- Added option to switch mouse buttons.
- Alternative mouse buttons are now bindable. (mouse3/mouse4/mouse5)
- Improved spawn menu.
- ZM can use hotkeys to spawn in spawn menu. (1-5, hold ctrl for 5x)
- Mappers/servers can define fog for ZM separately.

- Discord Rich Presence
- Added item replacement system. Modify map items through a script.
- Important people have a small icon in the scoreboard.
- Behind the scene changes to the tip system.
- Fixed Lawyer and Pi player model sorting.
- Fixed certain viewmodels not hiding the arms model on holster.
- Decreased soft collisions force and radius.
- Tweaked bullet forces.
- Fixed zombie ragdolls not being affected by bullet force properly.
- Spectator target name with non-ascii characters should no longer display weird text.
- Fixed player's reserve weapons casting shadows.
- Removed old unused assets that weren't suppose to be there in the first place.
- Center our options menu when opening.
- Fixed game_player_equip firing on ZM.
- 'viewmodel_fov' is no longer flagged as a cheat command.
- 'cl_drawhud' is no longer flagged as a cheat command.
- Fixed melee weapons not being able to have a crosshair.
- Removed spec_goto-command. Use "setpos" instead.

- Weapons have empty-activities (idle, draw, etc.) that will play when present.
- Weapons have animation events to fill their clip and "finish the reload time" when present. (Example:
- Zombie models have proper mass

- Added env_fog_controller_zm
- prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod is back
- Brought back ai_relationship, prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod to fgd

- Fixed zombies being able to block moveables.
- Fixed zombies moving weird on slopes.
- Fixed zombies moving slower on slopes.
- Fixed func_brush NPC exclude not working properly.
- Fixed slanted walls pushing npcs through the ground.
- Fixed npc ground bobbing.
- Banshee nav jumps now maintains its velocity even when hitting walls.
- Changed none->player relationship to hate (fixes a certain map finale)
- Adjusted explosive barrel fire damage timings. (Devil Mudger)
- Fixed invisible old style menus.
- Fixed throwable crosshair.
- Fixed default crosshair colors.
- Fixed melee weapons sometimes causing no damage.
- Fixed being unable to zoom in or out with a rifle while reloading.
- Fixed zombie performance degrading after a few days of server upkeep.
- Fixed certain func_brush-entities being solid to zombies.
- Changed default zombie step height to 17.
- With player collisions on, players can now walk through one another if they find themselves stuck.
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Rmsn Apr 13 @ 7:48am 
Mehis Aug 21 @ 11:01am 
Beta 5 (Upcoming)

- New weapon: over-under shotgun (accurate 2-shot shotgun)
- Particle system rain
- New player model specific arm models
- Updated sounds (weapons, hud and footsteps)
- Post-processing effects
- Item specific crate textures
- Main menu music

- Pistol nerf: decreased pistol magazine size from 20 to 16.
- Shotgun buff: decreased pump time from 0.8 to 0.65 seconds.
- Rifle: Increased reserve ammo cap from 21 to 22.
- ZM’s physics explosion disorientates and slightly pushes players.
- Banshee can now only do its “fast” claw attack up to three times instead of indefinitely.

- ZM's mousewheel move is now bindable, but players using older configs will not have them bound. Go to your options and bind them.
- Don't be surprised if the music volume is high, the volume can be lowered in the options.

- Weapon config overhaul
    * See and edit values easier.
    * Mappers can use custom weapon configs as well.
    * Players can edit their personal weapon settings (viewmodel/sounds) more clearly.
    * See weapon_zm_example.txt for full list of properties.
- Shooting creates a dynamic muzzleflash light.
- Ammo can be picked up past its reserve cap if weapon magazine is not full. (RESERVE CAP + (MAG SIZE - BULLETS IN MAG))
- Molotov uses a particle effect. (still WIP)
- Updated molotov lighter fire texture.
- Updated ZM orb models to be higher quality.
- Updated shotgun viewmodel textures.
- Updated shotgun and pistol worldmodels.
- Added more voice lines.
- Brought back thirdperson sprite muzzleflashes.
- Zombie skulls are now spawned on the client.
- Other slight networking optimizations.
- Applied env_projectedtexture fixes.
- Sound cache is cleared on game start if new update changes sounds.
- Smarter survivor bots.
    * Shoots smarter.
    * Follow other players.
- Clamped player target id name to screen.
- Certain old cvars are linked to new ones to fix certain old maps.
- Tweaked viewmodel materials.
- Tweaked viewmodel lighting.
- Devs have colored names in chat.
- Added tooltip to importance tag in scoreboard.
- ‘+attack3’ is now considered a survivor-only command.
- Updated game icon.
- Added bot_teleport and bot_goto_selected commands.
- Added basic SourceTV support.
- Added unused Banshee leap screams back.
- Fixed certain conditions locking zombies’ scheduling, making them not move.
- Fixed zombies prioritizing swat object over enemy that is closer.
- Fixed mouse bindings getting stuck when playing as the ZM.
- Fixed prop climbing.
- Fixed client shooting direction being slightly off with higher pings.
- Fixed zombies' default animation not being idle.
- Fixed fonts not falling back to a working font. (fixes main menu not working for other languages)
- Fixed not being able to pick up thrown ammo if it hit water.
- Fixed prediction errors when auto-reloading a weapon.
- Fixed firstperson muzzleflash sprite of multiple viewmodels.
- Fixed weapon world model attachments being wrong. (fixes thirdperson tracer origin)
- Fixed rifle "double" reload sound.
- Fixed weapon firing sounds randomly getting cut-off.
- Fixed being able to keep a hidden zombie spawn open.
- Fixed wrongly named "Enable" input on multiple entities (from "Enabled")
- Fixed drag-selecting zombies in Linux.
- Fixed leech sounds continuing after death.
- Fixed main menu in-game state being wrong when reloading (eg. changing resolution).

- Zombie spawn volume (trigger_zombiespawnvolume), uses a brush instead of nodes to spawn zombies.
- env_projectedtexture is now usable.

- Any melee weapon with AE_ZM_MELEEHIT animation event may have a "delayed" attack.
- Any melee weapons will play ACT_VM_MISSCENTER/ACT_VM_MISSCENTER2 if one exists and a hit is not detected at the start of the swing.

- Fixed edict limit crash that happened exclusively on round start.
- Fixed movement anims not being updated if zombie had no activity.
- Fixed zombies not knowing where to go when spawned really high off the ground.
- Decreased Drifter health.
- Decreased revolver damage.
- Decreased crowbar damage.
- Fixed zombies seemingly seeing through certain objects.
- Fixed ZM vision dynamic light flicker.
- Fixed the still player being pushed when soft collisions are on.
- Fixed client crash.
- Fixed importance check.
- Fixed team key binding.
- Fixed scoreboard muting.
- Fixed AI ignoring humans when certain conditions were met.
- Fixed AI moving slower on slopes at certain angles.
- Fixed AI getting stuck on complex surfaces.
- Fixed AI "snapping" on complex surfaces.
- Tweaked AI threat investigation.
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