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June 6, 2010
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[ZPH] ilumos May 25, 2014 @ 3:33pm
LAN 10 Feedback
Once again, thank you all for making LAN 10 our best event yet. With LAN 11 pencilled in for late August / early September this year, we've got plenty of time to improve the event, with your feedback of course!

Let us know what you liked, what could have been better and what really sucked [good, bad, ugly]

Can be as long or as short as you need :)
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James May 27, 2014 @ 6:01am 
What was good:

Particular highlights:
-Projector games were amazing
-Great venue with perfect lighting, v good facilities and it wasn't even slightly stanky
-Great community atmosphere and the LAN games were chuffing good

What was bad:
-It ended and we had to go back to real life

Looking forward to the next one, hope I can make the full thing next time. Props!
Joosebug May 27, 2014 @ 12:38pm 
LAN - Awesome
Tournaments - Awesome
Venue - Awesome
Atmosphere - Awesome
Lanager - Awesome
Playlist - May need some work
8/8 gr8 LAN m8
Had a fantastic time at the LAN, was so nice to see you guys.

Really enjoyed the projector games
Quake was frustratingly wonderful
The strange GTA mod was excellent, good laugh and wind down after the stress of Q3A
LANager is great, so useful and well thought out.

Not so good but not bad:
Maybe could of done with a bit more structure on Saturday, games wise. Dota was v.good, really appreciated playing with Profaniti and Piggy training us.

Overall, had a great time, thank you guys!
[ZPH] ilumos Jun 3, 2014 @ 2:54pm 
From Hunter:

I can't be bothered to login on my laptop to steam

But pros / cons starting with pros:
- Great LAN
- Good value for money
- Network was good for most of it
- OK Seating / Desk (Space)
- Good atmosphere
- Good facilities
- Good carparking etc
- Personal touches I loved (Lanyards etc)
- Love the games you chose - by far some of the best (And the lady who chose those projector games deserves a medal).
- Loved the people! So many cool people!
- Great staff!

- More info pre-lan about shops etc (we got totally lost) maybe a leaflet on the door to direct us?
- Found sleeping iddy awkward (hence sleeping on a small wall) Perhaps a second room?
- Layout could have been a little better in terms of getting to the toilets etc (if you where on the other side would involve walking all the way around!)
- Tuckshop could have been more clearly labeled / more stock (Maybe some nice fridges on the counter / products).
- Airflow was required (got iddy stuffy!)
- Those videos. My god.
- Less PA system hype.
- More girls.
- More cupcakes.
- More girls.
- More LoL.
- More lazer leds for atmosphere / crazy leds.
- More Sexual tension between you and I.

But generally jokes aside - great LAN.

I wouldn't have traveled 300 miles if I didn't think it wouldn't be haha.

Also one final suggestion - consider grabbing something like
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