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June 2, 2017
ABOUT Vidsquish

Compress and customize your favorite videogame cutscenes!

What is Vidsquish?

Vidsquish is a frontend for a collection of video modification tools designed to compress unnecessarily large pre-rendered cutscenes and customize them to suit framerates and aspect ratios they weren't originally designed for.

Normally, making these kinds of changes to game files would require lots of research and expertise, but with Vidsquish's profile-based system, modifying your favorite games' cutscenes is as easy as clicking a few buttons on your screen.


Where can I get it?

Check the latest release in the community discussions!

What Vidsquish is NOT

Vidsquish is not a mod for regular game data. It will not affect the way your game plays, feels, looks, or sounds. You'll save a lot of space on your hard drive and have much better cutscene viewing experiences, though!

Cool! What games does it support?

Check the list of associated games in the sidebar!

What about a profile for game X?

Every game stores and displays cutscenes a little differently. As such, there's no one profile to rule them all, and there never will be. Adding profiles for new games is not trivial and may require hours of research, testing, and debugging. Some games may also have inherant limitations to frame rate, resolution, or format that rob modifications of any benefit. (In some cases, mods are available to override this behavior.)

That being said, while not every game will make the cut, if there's a game not included in Vidsquish's roster of profiles, it's probably because no one has asked for it yet! Drop a message on this community page and see what happens!

In addition, since Vidsquish profiles are external to the software itself, you can even try your hand at writing your own!

Can I help?

Vidsquish is a hobby project of mine, so I can't really dedicate the time it takes to manage a team of contributors. And since challenging myself is kind of the point, I'm not necessarily interested in putting the project in someone else's hands either.

While profiles are now external and can technically be written by anyone, if that's not your cup of tea, the best way you can contribute to the project is to drop me a Paypal donation at the link here[].

I'm not in this for the money, but I do have to prioritize my programming hours to make an income. The easier it is for me to justify time spent on Vidsquish, the more will get done faster. Also, I may be able to implement special features for donors that wouldn't be of enough general interest to make it in the program otherwise (ask me about this first, though)!

Donating to the project is completely optional, but any support is deeply appreciated!

Introducing FFXV Radio Tuner - A Regalia music replacement tool based on Vidsquish!
Introducing Vidsquish v1.0.2 and Final Fantasy XV support!
The Reality of Final Fantasy XV
As of version 1.0.2, Vidsquish now fully supports Final Fantasy XV with customization options for framerate (all the way up to 120 FPS!) and any aspect ratio you can imagine. All of these features are supported natively in-game thanks to using BINK for video rendering. While BINK isn't the ideal format for Vidsquish, especially BINK v2, it's at least easy enough to work with by downgrading to BINK v1. However, BINK v1 comes at a cost: namely, less accurate colors and less efficient compression than its successor. Since one of Vidsquish's goals is smaller output videos, this is slightly problematic. As such, there's a bigger difference in output quality between compression settings than usual this time around, with the lowest compression offering near-identical quality to the original files at cost to filesize and the highest compression offering significant space savings at cost to image quality.

Also worth mentioning is that while Final Fantasy XV features an optional add-on pack for high-res 4K textures and cutscenes, these cutscenes are simply 1080p upscaled and offer virtually no benefit to the viewing experience while incurring a significant cost to filesize. For this reason, Vidsquish will ignore any 4K versions of cutscenes during conversion. To save space, it is recommended that 4K users replace 4K cutscenes with their 1080p counterparts by renaming the files to match.

A bit of housekeeping...
In other news, you may notice that Final Fantasy XIII profiles previously added alongside the 1.0 update are now missing from the base program. This is due to certain limitations making completing the profiles impractical until a mod is available which makes the game more flexible about how cutscenes are concatenated. In the meantime, these profiles have been moved to the Custom Profiles thread where they can still be used to convert the portions of the game's cutscenes which are supported.

BUT, the new version number for this update isn't just about changes to profiles! Final Fantasy XV required a new addition to the base program as well: subfolder support. Up until now, Vidsquish assumed all video cutscenes existed in the same folder, but Final Fantasy XV stores its cutscenes in several subfolders instead. While it might seem like a simple addition, supporting subfolders properly is tricky and as such requires special definitions in profiles to be enabled. If making custom profiles is your thing, be sure to examine the Final Fantasy XV profile to learn how it works!

Enjoy the update!

Lulech23 18 hours ago 
True, but if I understand correctly, Serotonin is just moving files from outside the game into the game folder. Which is basically the same process as every other mod. Never seen that cause a forced redownload, personally.
Rings | S> RL Keys 20 hours ago 
Changing install location of the game also forces a verify integrity check.
Lulech23 22 hours ago 
That shouldn't be happening... Steam typically doesn't try to get rid of mods at all. Only exceptions I can think of would be if there's an update to the game or you run a "verify integrity of files" operation. If you can test other games to see if the same thing happens, this might be something to talk to Steam support about.
Serotonin Jul 19 @ 4:34am 
Hi. I pasted the 60fps movies on my game folder but Steam keeps on deleting it and insists on downloading the movies all over again. Is there a fix for this? Thanks
Rings | S> RL Keys Jul 11 @ 9:00pm 
It's single-threaded. You can either run multiple instances or add your request to the many other people who requested multi-threaded goodness from the creator :3
Mochi ✿ Jul 11 @ 8:52pm 
I did the math and this is going to take 26 hours to finish.. are you serious?