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13 september 2007
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Welcome to the public steam group for Vagrant. www.VagrantClan.Com
an 18 and older multi gaming community.

Vagrant was established in 2005 and has since become a home for many adult online gamers.

If you are interested in joining Vagrant, pm any admin or moderator or go to our website and post in our forum.

Server issues can be reported to Vagrant members(Group Officers). Please report server admin abuse, crashes, cheaters, bugs, etc.

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Michael 2 aug 2016 om 6:35 

I hate to be the source of drama today, but I wanted to inform you that one of your group's members is an active leader of a militant anti-LGBT Steam group. Their aim is to encourage the ACTUAL murder of gay, bi, and trans folks. Not kidding, not trolling.

I wasn't sure what your group's policy was when it comes to this sort of activity, but I felt strongly that you should know about it in case you have as little tolerance for it as we do. Steam itself has a zero-tolerance policy for this behavior, but they are incredibly slow to act. And he's a member of your group.

This is the user's profile:

And this is the group's profile (one of many, I'm sorry to say.):

At any rate, thanks for your time, and I won't trouble you about this further. Sorry for the drama.
ba2 8 apr 2015 om 1:41 
@Barrackus@VagrantClan.Com I try to contact you.. :)
幸雄 /行雄 1 jul 2014 om 5:35 
barrackus can accept me on steam? i won the gift
Barrackus@VagrantClan.Com 1 jun 2014 om 12:52 
No problem! Were setting up June's giveaway now. Congrats vypon!
vypon 1 jun 2014 om 12:38 
thanks for the generous giveaway!