United Skilled Players -={U.S.P}=-
United Skilled Players -={U.S.P}=-
December 30, 2016
United States 
ABOUT United Skilled Players

Welcome To The -={U.S.P}=- STEAM Group Page!

This invitation is for our STEAM group page only. Being invited to this page does not make you a "Full Member".

If you would like to become a "Full Member" and wear our tag "-={U.S.P}=-" please read the information below *


Originally Founded On February 19, 2011

-={U.S.P}=- "United Skilled Players" is not a Clan.

We are a Group of friends that have built great friendships throughout the years while playing many games on STEAM.

-={U.S.P}=- was started with the Idea of providing great lag free gaming servers where everyone is welcome and can make friends have fun and enjoy a great gaming experience.

Even though some of the games we have servers for are combat/battle games we expect everyone in our servers to "Respect Everyone" and play fair and with their true gaming skills. So whether you are a noob or hard core player it’s all about civility, respect, entertainment and having fun!

Our STEAM group here is “Invite Only” because we want to make sure that we only admit players to our STEAM group that are friendly and know how to be courteous and respectful to all the people they play with.

As we meet new players that come into any of our servers and play with us and as we get to know them and become friends, we will invite them to join our STEAM group here. Then if they become regular participants in any of our servers and prove to be of good character, we could invite them to become a Full “Tagged Up” Member of our group.

Only approved "Full Members" may wear the -={U.S.P}=- tag in front of their name. Doing this without our approval is a violation and will result in a ban from all of our servers.

* If you ever wish to become a -={U.S.P}=- Full Member, These are the only obligations and requirements:

1. You MUST be 17 or older.

2. You must play with us on a regular basis so we can get to know you. No one is recruited instantly.

3. You must always follow our posted "Common Sense" game rules as you enter one of our servers.

4. You must have a working microphone so you can communicate with us in game or on our Discord channels.

5. You must apply for “Full Membership” on our website.

6. If and when you are admitted into our group, you must always display our tag “ -={U.S.P}=- “ in front of your STEAM profile name to proudly promote and display affiliation with our group.
(Removing your tag at any time represents your desire to depart from our group and you will no longer be considered a -={U.S.P}=- Full Member).

7. From time to time, Donations are welcome to keep the servers running. This is not an obligation However, Helping out is appreciated! Click on the "Donation" link below.

For more information please visit our website at:

Keeping It Real,

The Doctros…

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-={U.S.P}=- Doctros Apr 3, 2020 @ 12:43pm 
Wishing everyone the best of health and safety in theses trying times. Also “Thank You” to all the Men and Women that are on the front lines making sure that our health, safety and lives continue to be as normal as possible!