TS3.Cloud Free TeamSpeak3 Server ts3-server
TS3.Cloud Free TeamSpeak3 Server ts3-server
13 kwietnia 2016
O TS3.Cloud Free TeamSpeak3 Server -> TS3 Server Free Server Generator for You !

Community group of TS3.Cloud users. Now You are able to create own TeamSpeak3 server for free without any cost.

For people who enjoy the project and want to keep him alive there is VIP packages to provide service more premium and better every day.

If you like our work, please share our website to let our community grow ! :)
CS - GO Beta Testers - Wanted !
Donatios for VIP panel software back !
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Anticide 22 godz. temu 
Trying to make a 150 slot.... Not coming up.
Murai 23 godz. temu 
@Fhrozt - Create a new server from different IP.
@ikoka - Only VIP web panel software allow for that, no way to do this manually for so many people.
@ZOnE^^ - 1 server per 1 ip address
@High Outlaw | ☁ - Query port is different for each host, only VIP panel will show you the current port.
@Cyanide / @Matt1986 - You have to use this at least one time during 7 days ( speak )
@Marcoo - It depends where you will create free server so it's final destination.
Marcoo 18 lutego o 11:30 
i need help in something from vip users or a mod pls i see that bronze and silver plans cannot choose country if ur gonna buy vip plan so what about those bronze and silver packages? what country is it gonna be hosted from is it gonna be US or EU?
👦🏾Le J' ¦[CH]¦👦🏾 14 lutego o 14:16 
bonjour je me suis fait ban de mon propre serveur ts3 et j'aimerais bien pouvoir le recupérer pouvez-vous m'aider ? svp c'est urgent :(
Matt1986 14 lutego o 8:37 
yea i made 2 free 150 slots teamspeaks they worked for a day or so... something up with the host then. I guess
Cyanide 14 lutego o 8:10 
had the same problem