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February 8, 2013
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Trade.TF has moved to its new home!

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༺ buddhapest ༻ Jan 12 @ 6:51am 
once again, bug reports will not be addressed in the announcement comments - feel free to use the Bugs and Suggestions forum instead.
༺ buddhapest ༻ Jan 12 @ 6:50am 
relax people, it'll take a while for all the bots to check in
xosmin Jan 12 @ 2:50am 
i guess i was unlucky or something. after i restarted the bot everything was gone.
IgnitedSolly Jan 12 @ 12:12am 
Only showing deals
IgnitedSolly Jan 12 @ 12:03am 
Yes thats fixed but not showing many listingd, only showing 3 pages, it used to be like more than 60 pages.
༺ buddhapest ༻ Jan 11 @ 11:32pm 
@xosmin - no, when the bots reconnect it'll all come up correctly again - people need to sign in again and restart their bots. the rest was for the last 24 hours or so of external data.
xosmin Jan 11 @ 10:45pm 
when you say roll back, you mean all the banking / sell orders are gone. everything has been reset :)
Fire Jan 11 @ 9:53pm 
༺ buddhapest ༻ Jan 11 @ 9:30pm 
fixed the search bug - please report other bugs in the group discussion as i'm not going to be monitoring this announcement forever :heart:
༺ buddhapest ༻ Jan 11 @ 8:49pm 
i'm working on the broken search results - plz be patient ;)

the prices will adjust themselves as more and more mybots come online - right now you're seeing the range of greed out there :)