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2013년 7월 1일
ToonHUD 정보


ToonHUD is a highly customizable heads-up display for Team Fortress 2.

You can customize ToonHUD with your browser and share your themes with others at

If you use ToonHUD, feel free to leave some feedback. :) (Official site)[]

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- Guide[]
- FAQ[]
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ToonHUD 11
  • Compatibility with the latest TF2 update
  • New main menu design
  • Smaller tabs in Items menu (Loadout/Stats)
  • Added "Show stock weapons" checkbox to backpack page (next to "Sort backpack" dropdown)
  • Bookmarks are back!
  • Main menu related colors and font sizes updated.
  • Added 3 downloadable main menu wallpapers to the site.

Geez guys, you need to relax. Not having a custom HUD isn't the end of the world. :D You need to understand that I can't always be ready to update the HUD immediately when Valve releases an update. I wanted to finish the main menu design I started a while ago, so the update took a bit longer than usual.

You are probably going to crash the site, so... Be patient. :)

ToonHUD 10.4
  • Jungle Inferno materials removed
  • 3 crosshairs added: parenthesis with and without shadow and a dot with shadow (seeker's crosshair)
  • Updated closed captions

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Raughie 19시간 전 
i hope ToonHud website will be improved, it was hard to correct the color without installing and launching Team Fortress 2. it took a long time to finish hud colors :p like i was trying correcting my favorite colors, installing, launch, and it wasn't perfect, so i have to exit my game and go back to ToonHud website to correct my fav color again. and i tried to make ToonHud Discord themed hud, it took 5 hours to finish, and canceled because it's too hard and it took a long time. i hope ToonHud website will be improved nicely :p and i will improve my language
Noob SpyCrabby 2018년 4월 25일 오전 1시 33분 
pls make big word ToonHud ;c
๖ۣۜGalaxy 2018년 4월 21일 오전 1시 53분 
The reload HUD button will run a command to reload the custom HUD. In other words, It may fix a HUD related issue such as stuck colours.
Raughie 2018년 4월 20일 오후 9시 47분 
What "Reload hud" button can do?
Anonymous 2018년 4월 17일 오후 10시 28분 
how do i animate my crosshair ?
i really dont know how.
whizzer 2018년 4월 15일 오전 11시 44분 
Is there any way I can contract Griever directly? I have questions.
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