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November 5, 2013
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Chdata ♠ Aug 14, 2014 @ 8:32am
TF2Data's Rules [Short!]
General Rules of TF2Data
- Visit here to appeal bans.

These are the generalised rules of all TF2Data Servers
  • Don't be annoying and just have fun. If you can do this much, you don't need to read the rest of the rules.
  • Don't be so bad, that we have to change the rules to accomodate you.
  • Leave your debates outside of our gaming experience.
  • Don't use models and other resources from this server without permission - because there are various things I use from other servers, especially the Touhou models that were ported by a Korean Touhou TF2 community, who especially dislike it when people steal their models.
  • Do not ask to become an admin.
  • Keep arguments to PM. Public drama will be silenced.
  • Don't respond to people who bother you.
  • - /ignore them (temporary) or EAR mute them (permanent on all TF2 servers).
  • If you are caught hacking or scamming you will be banned instantly.
  • Don't impersonate admins.
  • Do not host trust trade bets/gambles/raffles. You will be silenced, possibly permanently.
  • Do not micspam music.
  • If your mic or voice is bad, you may be muted without warning.
  • Do not spam chat. You will be gagged.
  • If you are chat gagged, do not change your name to try and avoid it or you will be punished.
  • Do not exploit maps. You may be slayed at any time if you do so. Maybe once as a joke is fine, but do not persist to do it multiple times.
  • Gore or other illegal images in sprays are not allowed.
  • Trading is fine, but if you are overly verbose about it you may be silenced.
  • Do not link shortened/hidden/obfuscated/malicious urls. You will be perma gagged and possibly banned regardless of the actual content of the url. / etc are okay.

VSH:Data Server Rules

These are the specific set of rules for the TF2Data Versus Saxton Hale Server
  • Don't disconnect as the boss to avoid playing as the boss after you've already spawned as the boss.
    This is one of the few things we might issue a temporary ban for.
    Use /haletoggle instead, or let everyone kill you.
  • Do not stall the round. Action may or may not be taken by admins.
  • Being friendly as last player is acceptable, but if you stall you may be slayed.
  • Blatantly friendlying live players before last player faceoffs will cause all people involved to be slayed.
  • Don't just stall and be useless. While you stall, people are spectating and waiting to play.
  • Capping the point is not against the rules.
  • Feel free to Please ghost useless players.
  • Ghosting for any other reason, however, can get you silenced.
  • Only ghost engineers after they are finished setting up, are last player, and are just waiting for Hale anyway. If it isn't the final two players yet, wait for the boss to find the engie on his own.
  • Whoever has the advantage must do the chasing. In most cases, the boss has the advantage if he's 500+ HP. Very rarely will it be agreed that the players should chase instead.
  • If you find some sort of OP gameplay element please abuse it as much as possible.
Thank you for taking the time to read these rules, remember to just have fun!

you deserve a /cookie
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Chdata ♠ Aug 15, 2014 @ 12:07am 
2:06 AM - TheSkyIsGreen ⁼ᴾᴮ ᴰ⁼: rule 1 stall a lot as much as you can
2:06 AM - TheSkyIsGreen ⁼ᴾᴮ ᴰ⁼: rule 2 capping makes you a huge fagot
2:06 AM - TheSkyIsGreen ⁼ᴾᴮ ᴰ⁼: rule 3 be sure to always be annoying
2:06 AM - TheSkyIsGreen ⁼ᴾᴮ ᴰ⁼: done
2:07 AM - TheSkyIsGreen ⁼ᴾᴮ ᴰ⁼: promotion pls
Chdata ♠ Jan 16, 2015 @ 8:28pm 
rule 4 blame shane he throws
i love to throw
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