Swarm Director 2 ASDM2
Swarm Director 2 ASDM2
June 18, 2014
ABOUT Swarm Director 2

Alien Swarm with a twist. Better AI, new mutations, new mapper tools.

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Latest testing DLLs[]

ID for game server hosts: 6175965
v3 Released!
  • Bots will now pick up ammo for their inactive weapon.
  • Bots will use the ammo satchel automatically when any marine runs out of reserve ammo.
  • The leader of the squad no longer changes during a hack.
  • Reduced the pathfinding overhead for the squad leader.
  • Bot squad leaders no longer stutter when moving.
  • Bots will stop healing if they take heavy damage.
  • Bots can now find paths to goals beyond disabled links, such as the physics puzzle in Cargo Elevator.
  • Bot squad leaders use hints when waiting for a hack.
  • Bots will follow the squad leader into Cargo Elevator, Oasis Space Colony's train, and several similar objectives.
  • Bot squad leaders will find line of sight to a nearby explosive barrel to solve physics puzzles.
  • Fixed bot squad leaders pathing to the wrong marker in Landing Bay Practice.
  • Bots no longer consider attacking an explosive barrel to be combat.
  • Bots trigger doors to open even when not moving. (same as players)
  • Bots look for new standing positions even when they are close to the leader if the leader is inside a gathering zone and they aren't.
  • Fixed a crash when a bot got stuck in terrain.
  • Disabled bot rolling.
  • Fixed several user interface elements working inconsistently when spectating.
  • Fixed autoaim aiming above the shieldbug's hitboxes.
  • Fixed ammo satchel being deleted when empty in holdout mode.
  • Fixed uber drone getting stuck in terrain.
  • Fixed the HUD showing players with ammo satchels equipped having extremely high numbers of clips.
  • Fixed parasites sometimes infesting a marine after being killed by a melee attack.
  • Fixed parasites sometimes spawning outside of their eggs.
  • Fixed drones attacking explosive barrels instead of marines.
  • The game automatically loads Paranoia, Extermination, and Operation Cleansweep from Reactive Drop 1.17+ if it is installed in the same sourcemods folder.
  • Added buttons in the mission briefing lobby to add a bot and to deselect all currently selected marines.
  • Added asw_force_controls for server operators to force asw_controls to a specific value.
  • Added autocomplete to the ASW_StartCampaign console command.
  • Added func_detail_blocker to the FGD. func_detail_blocker stops detail props from spawning within it when the map is compiled.
  • Added env_detail_controller to the FGD. env_detail_controller can set an upper limit on the fade distance of detail props.
  • Added trigger_rd_sticktogether_area to the FGD. trigger_rd_sticktogether_area tells bots to choose marine hints inside its volume when the leader of the squad is touching it.
  • Stopped the door before the stairs to the hangar in Area9800 landingzone from closing as it does not auto-open.
  • Fixed the shamans in Lana's Sewer having 20 times more health than they did on vanilla Alien Swarm.
  • Updated loading screens for some Extermination maps.

v2 Incremental Update 4
  • The resupply window (blue rectangle) no longer appears at the end of waves with resupply.
  • Unlocked resupply phases are no longer used for waves that give free resupply.
  • Reduced time between waves (20 -> 5).
  • Holdout maps can include grubs.
  • Weapons that disappear at 0 charges no longer disappear in holdout maps.
  • Deployed sentries and sentry boxes held by a marine are refilled during resupply phases.
  • Improved marine bot leader AI in holdout maps.
  • Finishing all holdout phases completes the mission.
Loading screens
  • Added custom loading screen support.
  • Added loading screens for the following campaigns:
    • Area 9800
    • City 17
    • Dead City
    • Extermination
    • Jacob's Rest
    • Lana's Escape
    • Nest
    • Operation Cleansweep
    • Paranoia
    • Reduction
    • Tears for Tarnor
  • Friends not using matchmaking now display "In mod: unknown" instead of "In mod: swarm".
  • Audio cache automatically updates when addons are installed or uninstalled.
  • asw_drone_summoner can roar multiple times, just like the original in Tears for Tarnor.
  • asw_drone_redgiant is immune to status effects, just like the original in Nest.
  • Marine bots switch weapons if their current weapon can't reach their enemy and their other weapon can.
  • Fixed bot/alien navigation on Extermination.
  • Fixed parasites disappearing if a marine attacked while infested.
  • Fixed bot marines rolling in certain cases where it would be a bad idea.

Just in case you missed the other incremental updates, here are their changes:

v2 Incremental Update 3
  • Added "switch to marine" 5-8 and "use offhand item" 5-8 to the keyboard options screen.
  • Added first person, third person, top-down, and cycle camera mode to the keyboard options screen.
  • Added a custom director spawn list for the Nest campaign. You can expect more wanderers and more red giant drones.
  • Improved asw_controls 2 camera positioning. Thanks to DIMEDROLL.
  • Third person camera now moves smoothly back to full distance instead of snapping.
  • Increased the maximum fov_desired from 75 to 90.
  • Added fov_desired_0, fov_desired_1, and fov_desired_2, which override fov_desired when asw_controls is 0, 1, or 2, respectively.
  • Added Reactive Drop-style health bonus to spawners as an alternative to health scaling.
  • Added health/size/speed/immunity keys to aliens in addition to spawners.
  • Added asw_drone_uber to asw_spawner. Mappers using the custom drone mutations will need to update their maps.
  • Added angles to asw_egg in Hammer.
  • Added experimental vehicle support for mappers. Thanks to Darky.
  • Expanded the Cargo Elevator and Oasis Colony Spaceport fixes to work on any map using that kind of trigger.
  • Fixed marines getting stuck on each other in asw_controls 0. Thanks to DIMEDROLL.
  • Fixed rolling in first person affecting camera angles.
  • Fixed uber drones having the same health as normal drones.
  • Fixed uber drones being twice as big as they should be when spawned by the director.
  • Fixed aliens with "no flinching" being able to flinch.
  • Fixed matchmaking reporting a 4 player limit (the actual limit is 8).

v2 Incremental Update 2
  • asw_fast_reload_under_marine_height_scale adjusts the fast reload bar's height. It defaults to the same as asw_fast_reload_under_marine_scale.
  • asw_player_names now remembers its value between sessions.
  • Fixed the M42 Vindicator grenade going in the wrong direction in first person.
  • Thanks to YOJIMBO and Kablaaa for discovering this bug.
  • Fixed asw_tilegen_instance transforming names incorrectly.
  • Fixed a crash near the end of reduction_-_mission_2 (tested with Reduction version 3.6).
  • Fixed the medic and ammo warnings (asw_medic_under_marine and asw_magazine_under_marine) showing up at the start of the mission.
  • Fixed the client shadow manager choosing the wrong env_projectedtexture when more than two were in a map, or more than one in first person. Most noticeable on Landing Bay right before the room with welded doors.
  • Fixed the damage indicator not displaying in first person view.

v2 Incremental Update 1
  • asw_controls 2 switches to traditional third person view. The camera follows behind your marine. Suggested by DIMEDROLL. Please note that if the host has not applied this update, there will be movement issues if you have asw_controls 2 set.
  • asw_fade_duration (default 0.5) affects the number of seconds it takes for func_asw_fade and prop_asw_fade to transition between states.
  • AI marines now stop shooting the M868 Flamer Unit at an enemy when it ignites in addition to not selecting burning enemies with the flamer equipped.
  • Fixed walking into a vertical surface on an elevator causing movement glitches.
  • Fixed func_asw_fade and prop_asw_fade blocking nearby doors from closing.

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June 18, 2014