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December 1, 2016
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Ban Appeal Guide
To request an unban, please start a new thread under "General Discussions" here. We are generally quite forgiving.

Include the following information in your appeal:
- Staff member that banned you:
- When you were banned:
- Reason you were banned:
- Reason we should unban you:
(for first time bans, "sorry won't do it again" is usually good enough)

You can get this information by signing in to

Be aware that any lying or trash talking will extend your ban.

You must appeal for yourself - we do not accept ban appeals written by your friend.

Do not escalate things to the owner unless you are told to (or if I banned you).

If you are banned from the discussions, contact a staff member here[].

If you were banned for "AFK Evasion", leave your mouse outside of your game window or open the Steam overlay to prevent the game from picking up unintentional mouse movements.

If you are currently banned, DO NOT attempt to log in with a different account or all of your accounts will be banned indefinitely. If you've already gotten caught doing that, you may still appeal.

If you are unbanned, please read the rules before rejoining the server:
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