L4D Survival Records .:sVr:.
L4D Survival Records .:sVr:.
April 23, 2012
ABOUT L4D Survival Records

Welcome to Survival Records

The original group for Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 Survival Records tracked from around the world since 2011. Its purpose is to serve as a repository for those records, and to give recognition to the players and their hard work. This group is for the benefit of the entire survival community.

Left 4 Dead 1

Generator Room: 167:56.90 - Dacky, Dennis, Hell Razor, 0pposer
Gas Station: 214:05.90 - BloodyR, JusT SLOW, Psy, Squid
Hospital: 319:39.23 - Dennis, JusT SLOW, 0קקoser, XbloodyR
Rooftop: 121:29.03 - JusT SLOW, 0pposer, ϟḱ¥ђ℮αґт, XbloodyR
Bridge (CC): 192:32.83 - вøƦđeяłıиe, High-Voltage, JusT SLOW, 0pposer
Truck Depot: 103:45.67 - Davis, JusT SLOW, 0קקoser, XbloodyR
Drains: 193:08.83 - Däcky, Davis, Hell Razor, 0pposer
Church: 167:48.40 - Davis, JusT SLOW, 0pposer, XbloodyR
Street: 302:07.67 - вoƦđeяłıиe, 0pposer, ϟḱ¥ђ℮αґт, ṾİƧῙΩƝΛƦƳ
Boathouse: 268:30.90 - Dennis, JusT SLOW, Squid, XbloodyR
Crane: 144:45.60 - Dennis, JusT SLOW, 0pposer, XbloodyR
Construction Site: 110:12.67 - Davis, JusT SLOW, 0pposer, ЖTRΞMΞBŁØØÐYRΞVΞΠGΞ
Terminal: 171:24.40 - вoƦđeяłıиe, JusT SLOW, 0pposer, ṾİƧῙΩƝΛƦƳ
Runway: 139:44.33 - JusT SLOW, 0pposer, Psy, XbloodyR
Warehouse: 154:25.40 - Däcky, Davis, 0pposer, ϟḱ¥ђ℮αґт
Bridge (BH): 122:45.23 - eא†Ʀe|\/|э, Raptor, Squid, Thunder
Farmhouse: 351:43.43 - вøƦđeяłıиe, JusT SLOW, 0pposer, ṾİƧῙΩƝΛƦƳ
Lighthouse: 210:54.50 - JusT SLOW, 0pposer, ϟḱ¥ђ℮αґт, XbloodyR
Traincar: 104:26.03 - cid, Dacky, JusT SLOW, 0קקoser
Port: 275:32.17 - Dennis, HellRazor[NL], JusT SLOW, 0pposer

Left 4 Dead 2

Mall Atrium: 147:46.83 - AnGeR, kris, Overdose, toshly
Riverbank: 68:08.13 - Eph, Overdose, Rob, toshly
Underground: 229:11.87 - aTastyCookie, MudFlap, Rob, Toshly
Port (TP): 40:52:00 - AnGeR, Eph, kris, toshly
Motel: 73:28.60 - AnGeR, Eph, Rob, toshly
Stadium Gate: 64:39.30 - Eph, kris, Rob, toshly
Concert: 41:00.57 - Eph, kris, Rob, toshly
Gator Village: 152:23.23 - Overdose, P.I.T.A, Rob, toshly
Plantation: 53:11.27 - kris, Rob, toshly, X-0ut
Burger Tank: 56:14.43 - kris, MudFlap, Thug-Life, Toshly
Sugar Mill: 103:38.30 - AnGeR, Fury, jem, X-0ut
Bus Depot: 65:51.97 - Eph-Air, Overdose, Rob, toshly
Bridge: 207:57.00 - gin, kahn, MudFlap, toshly
Generator Room: 125:17.97 - Eph, kris, MudFlap, toshly
Rooftop: 35:51.87 - Eph, kris, Rob, toshly
Traincar: 75:19.33 - kris, Overdose, Rob, toshly
Port (SC): 50:31.10 - A E I Owned U, gin, Kev, khan

L4D1 Survival Records
L4D2 Survival Records
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New Challenge Boards for Some Maps?
no buying games if two launchers Aug 1, 2018 @ 1:09am 
this "about" records need updating badly lol
AlbinoGoat Aug 18, 2015 @ 5:39pm 
hey inv me pls im serious
AlbinoGoat Jun 6, 2015 @ 5:48am 
hello inv me pls
Jan 12, 2015 @ 6:52am 
Thanks for posting the L4D1 times Ʀicky. It has allowed me to research more into the players and update my personal survival site accordingly whilst cross-checking with the l4d-survival group/site. I was actually hoping that you would do that yourself since you have access :P

I have also updated my personal survival site to include solo times for each L4D2 map. Thanks to AnGeR and his solo duo group. I know there were higher times (like from toshly), but I just did what I could get from the group.

As for SvR. It's quite strict. Need demos from all players. Need to have a good track record of not having cheated. It's complicated so I don't update what I'm not certain about.
MudFlap Nov 21, 2014 @ 9:06pm 
We can do that if you guys would like it. Perhaps mention it some players who can post some feedback here or even message us directly. Being honest here, the initial challenge proved to be quite the task, logistically and I don't think any of the admins are going to want to put on another challenge, if few players intend to participate. Also, people use every outlet to complain, even when doing something nice for them, the last challenge was no exception to that. We're open to the idea, but have no intention of getting into more endless debate over them. Nor directing this at you, Hope, just informing everyone of something many aren't aware of.
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