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August 5, 2017
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Simon Aug 5, 2017 @ 4:10pm
Ark Server Settings & Mod Information
Admins do not play online in-game therefore calling for Admin will not get you an instant response in-game. We monitor server activities closely this include the chat logs from which we do reach out to players who may need help. Servers all automatically check for ark updates & mod updates hourly, the notification will give a 10 minute warning before restarting for updates.

Complete Ark Server details:
SurvivalGaming [100x][PVP][16/07][2.0 AMMOPOOL][]
Server IP:
Query IP:
Seeded: 16/07/2017
Map: TheIsland

SurvivalGaming [100x][PVP][Ragnarok][12/08][]
Server IP:
Query IP:
Seeded: 12/08/2017
Map: Ragnarok

SurvivalGaming [100x][PVP][CENTER][12/08][]
Server IP:
Query IP:
Seeded: 12/08/2017
Map: TheCenter

It is highly recommended to subscribe to our mod collection as it may change often. *To note however all 3 servers in the cluster have exactly the same mods and settings:

Rules Overview:
  • No building on or blocking access to Obelisks. Structures will be removed without warning.
  • No building in caves with Artifacts. Structures will be removed without warning.
  • No Foundation or pillar spamming unless its near your base and not excessive.
  • No building in or blocking access to the Volcano. Structures will be removed without warning.
  • No boxing Quetz to avoid taking damage during a raid.
  • No persistent griefing. If you ignore an official warning you will be banned for 48 hours.
The complete Rules & Regulations can be found here.

Game Modifiers:
  • PVP
  • 10x Difficulty
  • 100x Gather Rates
  • Insta Level
  • Insta Tame
  • Extra Long days
  • Short Nights
  • No PVP Respawn Interval Timer
Player Modifiers:
  • Max Player Level: 295 (310 when you've ascended)
  • Player Food & Water drain: 0.5x
  • Player Health Recovery 1.5x
  • 2x Stamina Per Level Stat
  • 5x Oxygen Per Level Stat
  • 2x Swim Speed Stat
  • 2x Food & Water Per Level Stat
  • 30x Weight Per Level Stat
  • 10x Fortitude Per Level Stat
Tamed Dino Modifiers:
  • Max Wild Dino Level: 300
  • Tamed Dino Levels: +200
  • Dino Food Drain: 0.5x
  • Dino Heath Recovery: 5x
  • Dino Stamina Drain: 0.5x
  • 10x Dino Stamina Per Level Stat
  • 50x Dino Weight Per Level Stat
  • 30x Dino Weight Per Level Stat
  • 2x Dino Speed Per Level Stat
Breeding Modifiers:
  • 0.25x Mating Interval (Allowed to mate 75% sooner)
  • 25x Egg Hatch Speed
  • 25x Baby Mature Speed
  • 0.5x Lay Egg Interval
General Modifiers:
  • PvP Gamma Enabled
  • Allow Third Person Player Enabled
  • Server Crosshair Enabled
  • Show Map Player Location Enabled
  • 5x Per Platform Max Structures
  • 0.2x Resources Respawn Period (Extra fast respawn of resources)
  • HitMarkers Enabled
  • Floating Damage Text Enabled
  • 0.5x Harvest Health
  • 5x Structure Damage Multiplier
  • 10x Crop Growth Speed
  • 3x Crop Decay (Slower decaying of plants)
  • 5x Custom Recipe Skill Multiplier
  • 3x Dino Turret Damage Multiplier

Admin Change Notes:
You can check or subscribe to our Change Notes section here if you wish to review recent server or setting changes.

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