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October 11, 2012
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Steamworks Winter Recap
Soundtracks get a remix

2020 kicked off with an overhaul of how soundtracks are offered on Steam, adding support for all kinds of HD audio formats, implementing a completely updated UI in the Steam Library, and allowing audio to be purchased and installed independently from the base game.

Working with partners to release new soundtracks, the total number of soundtracks on Steam quickly jumped to over 1,300 offerings, which are available on a dedicated new Store page (

All this was cause for celebration and, of course, no Steam celebration is complete without a sale – the results of which may surprise you.

Since the February Soundtrack Sale, daily revenue from soundtracks on Steam has more than doubled. Over 50 games have reached the milestone of selling more than 100,000 copies. Two albums have earned $1 million, and one soundtrack (Human Fall Flat) reached the music industry's milestone of "Gold" with over 500,000 albums sold. Congrats to all.

More information on the initial update are detailed in the January 8th Steam Soundtrack Updates post.

Introducing New Steam Labs Experiments: News Hub & Play Next
Winter saw the introduction of two new experiments to the Steam Labs.

First up was Steam Labs Experiment 008: Play Next. As the name suggests, it’s designed with the goal of helping players decide what to play next from their library. Essentially, this tool looks through the games a player has in their library but hasn't yet played (or played much of) and uses Steam’s recommendation algorithm to suggest the next title they might enjoy the most. The full details on Play Next are here:

Steam Labs Experiment 009: News Hub was the second of the two new experiments introduced to the Labs this past Winter. Designed as a central place where players can find updates, announcements, and special events for the games they play and/or have an interest in following, this gives developers another avenue to connect directly with their audience and get the word out. The Hub also helps players plan ahead, set reminders, and receive email or mobile notifications. So, if you have an upcoming live-stream, update, content release, community tournament, double-xp weekend, or other activities, this is a great way for those to be discovered. Read more about the News Hub here:

Advancing from Steam Labs: Interactive Recommender & Search
While Play Next and News Hub entered the Steam Labs this past Winter, two earlier Lab experiments were validated and released to everyone on Steam.

Steam Labs Experiment 004: Search was advanced to all Steam users in late February. First introduced to the Labs in September of 2019, Search delivers more filters, infinite scrolling and other tools to give users greater controls and options for browsing Steam’s catalog. More details are available here:

March saw the advancement Steam Labs Experiment: 002: Interactive Recommender, a way for users to harness the power of machine learning to discover personalized, interactive recommendations, based on their patterns of play. Along with powerful tag-based filters, the IR allows players to tailor results on the fly, such as selecting from a balance of popular or niche titles, recent or classic titles, to help find the exact games they're in the mood to play.

Our hypothesis with this experiment was that it could be another way in which Steam could surface more developer titles to more players. We checked the math to see if that assumption held true and discovered over 10,000 different titles were being purchased as a result of visits to the Interactive Recommender. Detailed IR post is here:

Steam Labs continues to be a great incubator for new features and services, and we welcome more ideas for trial and thank everyone who assists with testing.

Dev Tools & Events
Winter also brought the release of three additional tools for developers and new kind of trade show-like event.

The first of these new dev tools is App Management Sharing. This is a self-serve tool for sharing management access to your games with another developer and/or publisher team in Steamworks. This could be particularly useful if a publisher needs to share management access for a game with the development team or vice-versa. Read all about it here:

Re-order items in a bundle. Developers now have the ability to change the order that items are displayed in a Steam Bundle. This is particularly useful if you want to make sure your newest game or best deal is right at the top when a player is examining the contents of your bundle.

To learn more about Steam Bundles, please visit:

Video: Steam Events & Announcements Walk-Through. If you'd like to learn how to get more out of Steam as a way to communicate with your players, we put together an in-depth video walking through the Events & Announcements tools released late last year:

The Steam Game Festival made its initial debut In December, running in tandem with the Game Awards. At the end of March, that event took a giant step forward with the Spring Edition, a virtual expo highlighting games originally set to demo at the Indie MEGABOOTH, The MIX, and Day of the Devs showcases during GDC.

This was an opportunity to provide extra visibility for small studios impacted by recent event cancellations as well as giving players access to dozens of free demos for upcoming and newly released games.

The Spring Festival saw the event grow to include more titles, more demos, and just short of 3M unique “attendees.” This resulted in over 559,000 demo activations, and over 385,000 total wishlist additions for games featured in the event.

Thank you to the developers and showcase organizers who helped make this event happen on such short notice. We look forward to working on more opportunities like it in the future.

A Note About Developer Support During COVID-19
Like most other businesses in the US and across the world, our staff has switched to working from home. This presents some new challenges for our teams that provide important Steam services like moderation, customer support, and reviewing builds and store pages. Our goal is to minimize the impact on partners and players, but we appreciate your patience in the event of any delays. We hope that Steamworks partners worldwide are able to stay safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Thanks & Keep In Touch
Thanks for reading this far! In case you missed it, you can get even more information about what’s been happening in the world of Steam in the 2019 Year in Review, which takes a look at many of the trends and performance data from the full year, 2019:

As always, you can follow Steamworks on Twitter ( and/or contact us here.

-The Steam Team

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