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September 23, 2013
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Apr 19 @ 9:31am
SteamOS & Windows benchmarks
Apr 13 @ 7:31pm
Steam OS As An Entertainment Platform Like Apple TV or Fire TV
Unless SteamOS can support 4K, HDR and/or Dolby Vision, it's a mixed bag as far as console streaming goes. As for 4K media on PC—it's a disaster![] (Note: A lot of people are ditching their HTPCs because of this and many other 4K issues.)

Currently, 4K for Netflix on PC is only available on Windows 10 with a 7th Gen Intel or 9xx series Nvidia or above using the Edge browser or Netflix app. As for most browsers on most PCs, Netflix sucks!

Even at that rate, say you want to stream Star Wars: The Last Jedi in 4K HDR. Well, there are currently only TWO services to do that and only several devices to get it: VUDU on Roku+, Chromecast Ultra, Nvidia Shield TV (Sure, it says Sony and Samsung TVs, but go to the VUDU forums[] and see how VUDU is NOT playing nice with these devices, including the PS4.). Even with the Microsoft Store, you can have every DRM piece of the 4K pipeline on your PC and still—STILL—your only device to play 4K HDR from MS Store is Xbox One S or X.

[Also, part of the problem with this movie in particular is Disney playing DRM games - i.e. Apple TV can technically run it but Disney tells them to suck balls. Same goes with Amazon.]

Hulu, Crackle, HBO, and most all the television apps run max at 1080p, so if you are okay with that, then running them in a regular browser is fine, sometimes better on PC. But, what happens when you find out The Blacklist from NBC was shot entirely in 4K and is available entirely in 4K on Netflix? Well, you might have to consider that.

tl;dr - If SteamOS is going to do media, they need to bring a 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision A-game! Not some chump-ass shitshow!

PS - If you just want great 4K eye candy - YouTube!
Apr 24 @ 5:24pm
Rise of the Tomb Raider on SteamOS?
Apr 9 @ 1:33am
How To Save Steam Machines & Steam OS. My Personal Opinion...
Considering SteamOS has not yet moved to Debian 9 and is, almost, tracking the bleeding edge of kernel and Mesa releases, I think we are going to see an original distribution soon (probably one that other distros will attach to SteamOS repos).

1.) Multimedia - My thoughts on streaming -- > here. As for optical drives on PC in the 4K Blu-ray era, all I have to say is, "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Watch this first!

2.) Desktop - =/= mass-market, 10 ft., couch-gaming adoption. Let's make this simple. Consoles have always been an extension of the arcade market. When you go to the arcade you bring yourself and your game coins/tokens. NOT KEYBOARDS! I have no problem with SteamOS burying the desktop behind several magical incantations (*cough!* Android developer options *cough!*) but not just a single checkbox two layers deep. Besides, if you normally use Linux and have a keyboard, why the need for a checkbox at all?

3.) Valve should be the only producers of the Steam Machine consoles - This might become a necessity soon if GPU prices stay high. The only thing that will save the gaming GPU market is small-form-factor (like the Alienware), APU (which the consoles have done for years), or Intel/AMD hybrid. For several years there really has been little to no reason for needing more than one GPU on a motherboard. The only ones that format helps any more are the crypto miners.

4.) New Big Picture UI and third-party DRM applications - Whatever Alienware did for the Alpha sounds like the right place to start. Though now closed, they even have an open-source version of HiveMind[]. However, based on this subreddit, it seems Kodi and SteamUI might be more in alignment now.

I may be getting ahead of myself here, but if you tracked any of the performance jumps with Rise of the Tomb Raider on AMD processors using DX12, there are going to be many happy SteamOS+Linux users when this game comes out using Vulkan. Even with a i5/1070Ti on Windows 8.1 (DX11), the benchmarks always drop into the single digits on certain frames. If Feral's Vulkan ports of F1 2017 and MAD MAX are any indicators, short of running a crazy SLI Nvidia Garage setup, Linux+Vulkan might be soon become the high-quality, go-to standard for this game, which is more or less the Crysis of today.
Mar 27 @ 7:07pm
Why is the color on SteamOS so much deeper than Windows?
Mar 9 @ 4:08pm
Will The Steam Universe Save PCs?
May 17 @ 11:06pm
PINNED: SteamOS update 2.149 pushed to brewmaster beta
Originally posted by Mohandevir:
Thanks! This said, SoM is a lot more playable than Deus Ex, in my case. Even weirder, if I disable the Hardware Decoding on the Steam Link, which defeats the purpose, I see much better performances. Steam support obviously answered that the Steam Link's Hardware Decoding should not be deactivated... Seems something is buggy to me.

The options are definitely there for a reason. I know, for sure, when I stream to my Atom N450 netbook, that I have to crank the banwidth down to 3 Mb/s, otherwise the frames come in too fast for decoding. ;-)

Originally posted by Mohandevir:
Edit: Does this beta finally fixes the Mad Max Vulkan hangs?

Nope. I'm chalking that one, and the random loss of BPM focus, up to driver version for now. :-/
Originally posted by Mohandevir:
Talking about streaming... I got a Steam Link and I'm streaming from my PC (dualboot). Anyone know why performances in streaming are so different between OS?

I did a quick test for this with The Talos Principle benchmark, using Vulkan, from SteamOS beta to my Mint desktop. Everything on the client performance display looked pretty good (~59 FPS, minus wifi spikes).

I find the OpenGL ports to be very CPU bound. For example, Dying Light at Ultra Low is as jittery as Ultra High, so it's probably not a good comparison (D3D to OpenGL) using Deus Ex or SoM. TTP gives you all the comparison tools you need: Vulkan-to-Vulkan, OpenGL-to-OpenGL, and a stable benchmark.
Originally posted by Mattias:
Anyone else seeing this?

I have been losing controller focus (to what, I don't know) on the BPM home page. Since I have a home theater remote, I just use that to re-focus BPM and controller 'control' returns.
Feb 3 @ 7:01am
Why is steam OS still in beta
Jan 25 @ 3:47pm
SteamOS update 2.145 pushed to brewmaster beta
Originally posted by Mohandevir:
Great! Good to know and thanks for testing.

Edit: I remember that at the time I tested these games on SteamOS and on Ubuntu with SteamOS-Compositor and got the same results. On the same Ubuntu setup, with same driver, the steam desktop client in BPM didn't have any issues. This is why I initialy tought that something could be wrong in the SteamOS-Compositor.

Same here. When I was sorting all this out with my 4K issues in Gnome desktop session, the Vulkan versions had no problems there, even with BPM, iirc.
Originally posted by Mohandevir:
Originally posted by NeptNutz:
Having fixed 99% of my 4K and Vulkan issues, I was pleased to see MAD MAX in vulkan_beta actually backing out of the Steam game page without freezing.

However, once it got to the home screen, it still locked-up the system.

If I had to guess, I think it might be some sort of Alt-Tab focus issue, much like Metro: Last Light when using an AMD card.

Are you meaning the bug where BPM just freezes when you exit a Vulkan game? I have this bug with all of them on SteamOS (Serious Sam, The Talos Principle, Mad Max).I'm still on stable but I was hoping that this driver upgrade would take care of it...

Yes, that is exactly what I mean.

So far, only MAD MAX in vulkan_beta seems to persist with this issue for me.

UPDATE: After game start, benchmark, rough quit and then reboot, The Talos Principle in Vulkan seems to be exiting to SteamOS session quite fine (both in 32 and 64 bit runs). However, I did notice once on game exit that BPM was running extremely choppy frame rates (like it was still stuck in low-FPS overlay mode).

That leaves MAD MAX vulkan_beta as the only Vulkan game freezing-up BPM SteamOS session for me (GTX 1070Ti) with the current driver. F1 2017 (aside from the driver version warning) and Serious Sam Fusion have no exiting problems.
Having fixed 99% of my 4K and Vulkan issues, I was pleased to see MAD MAX in vulkan_beta actually backing out of the Steam game page without freezing.

However, once it got to the home screen, it still locked-up the system.

If I had to guess, I think it might be some sort of Alt-Tab focus issue, much like Metro: Last Light when using an AMD card.
Jan 19 @ 8:44pm
SteamOS update 2.141 pushed to brewmaster beta
SOLVED: 4K modes in SteamOS session.

This wiki by ProfessorKaos64 pretty much solved all my 4K launch issues.

Thanks, Prof!

PS - Looks goooood! :grinsam:
Originally posted by dubigrasu:
Well, I'm not sure about making SteamOS always run in performance mode. In my opinion it should be a per-game feature in "Manage Game > Preferences" or at least a general toggle in system preferences.

I don't disagree but, at the very least, SteamOS should not default to "powersave".

"Ondemand" seems acceptable for most use cases. If anyone needs more, or less, they should be those few exceptions who have to find their own workaround, not everyone else.
Originally posted by Teddy:
The Feral support page states that the 387 series driver is unsupported. Source here[].

I noticed that Talos refuses to run in Vulkan.

Derp! It figures I missed that (right beneath the link I posted). :steammocking:

Then again, lots of distracting sign posts out there.

"... higher series or versions will run the game without issues:"

Either way, both games launch and run fine at 1080p on Vulkan from SteamOS session.

As for Vulkan at 4K, I now have similar launch hangups in both F1 2017 and MAD MAX, as well as my television refusing to switch video modes even after changing F1 to 3840x2160 in the game settings (haven't checked this with MAD MAX yet in either API). Logging into steam@steamos Gnome session should provide some clues.

As a point of reference, Rocket League is running a locked 60@4K on desktop@steamos user.
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