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September 23, 2013
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WARNING Black Mesa Forum is Hacked...or seems So...
an image is better than a speech :

that strange that so near the final release ... no news about this anywhere.... :steamsad:
[you can get into forum ..if you are with a good firewall , antivirus....]

are they all hiding ? or dead ? :steamhappy: :steammocking:
at least for some "old maestros of the source engine" [ no one else never had been to be ...[ A Maestro or only a user... because it was a sh1t one : engine ...] what a strange story is this "copy" ... :steamsalty:
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that is getting hot at Black-Zilla steam page ... at two month before Q3 start ...
they are banning so much that posters are writing about it... may be steampowered should add a line about "freedom of speech" in forum ... like the number of banneds .. a la Overall Reviews Mode ... and may be the right to edit the review especially with unfinished game like this half -half one
good news is they plan to use unreal 4 for the "LulZ-ZillA-DAY"
posted by tafali and reposted by karma :

Damn. Thanks for the interview though, it was really informative. Interesting to hear they're reworking everything for an Unreal 4 remaster.

i wonder what jobs are waiting them after the "publishing" and "beers-drinking..
some hacked movies of the training for the publish days are getting the youtube channel by themselves..

here is the "video" of the Xen under construction .. made by the forum Hacker : a french living in france ... banned by svencoop ...& Black-Zilla steam Team [ that makes too much people no ? ]

with the team critic [ for internal use only..]
Good News ... Q2 2019 Date Limit is offering the publication of Maps of Xen half finished ...

read it :

This is how we plan to release in the coming months:

Technical Beta - This will be a couple of maps to test the latest engine....

Open Beta - After we have implemented the feedback from the technical test, we will push the entire game to open beta....

Release - ... waiting for the full Black Mesa experience, this is what you want to wait for. Once we know the beta does not set ...

In addition to these staggered releases, we plan on launching a public discord ....

i wonder how that will looks...and what feelings that this will give to player...
in my opinion , in the videos of the news , that looks like a little like the Avatar Movie ..or doom3-hell ..
it also seems there is no battle against the Gargantua nor the Nihilanth
as always we face the problems of those that want easy money for doing nearly nothing or what they want only...
[ that is why models from games and maps should be easily edited.... their bosses in game companies will be happy ]
like i wrote in steampowered forum and other black zilla fan places... they should had reused as much as possible valve's elements from hl2 ep* and mods + l4d* ..
and ports those coming from opposing force and few others things from idtech4 games to source...
you can not make "New" with only "Few Old" things ... the more you have in your bags...the more you can do with it ;']

so i propose that Valve organize a summer camp for the Black-LazieZZzzzz a two month stages at seattle to learn and finish this half "remake" halfy done ...
add : i vote yes in your post :steammocking:
after fifteen years : a half game with half maps.... nobody reacts ?
that looks like "everybody is Disney : The InvenTator" that decides to FREEZE Avatar2 by the famous james C. to Shows for X-MAS a movie named Wars-starS made in few weeks by a bunch of UNKNOWNS ... :steambored: :steamfacepalm: it is not hard to understand why pc are more and more not used for anything and mostly gaming while mobile are always in in Paris to film crimes made by policemen :steammocking:
two month of Q2 ... JUST few hours days weeks left for SiSiTeam to publish its beta ..BUT at least a super good news :
Quake II RTX, the ray-traced remaster of Quake II is going to release in full with Linux support on June 6th ... from NVIDIA

I WONDER IF STEAMOS IS ABLE TO PLAY IT...[ i mean download the nvidia and quake2 needed files at once ] game is vulkan compatible

another news... may be that can interest former M$ employees :

Microsoft releases its first Linux product

For the first time, Microsoft has released its own Linux kernel in a new Linux-based product: Azure Sphere.

for steam&os there is something even more interesting :

Microsoft will ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10

Available in testing this summer

so 3 days before playing quake2 ,,,rays- traced...
i was rethinking of the dumbasses of black-Zilla .. their famous 2019 Q2 is coming to its i reminded what they wrote at lauching of their project.. right after hls was released as a gift...
that valve does not know how to handle source engine.. was the "best" i read...
so i wonder if at BZilla they understand words like : END & EARLY ...

END IN Q2 2019 ... & Early ACCESS GAME With a pre-RELEASE DATE: 5 May, 2015
if my calcs are correct : they felt the 4 years windows IN Q2 : the 5/5/19

more than 4 years for an early really early early...promess .. i hope steam will opposite the way : with early free giving of early games that will be paid when released ...

:steambored: usa ... $20 ... that must be what some call the american dream...
Folowing some "Gangsters of the organized crime" seems to pay ... finally the release of "half-half-life" with xen extended edition : aka BlackZillA that was announced for Q2 is NOT DONE ..

but there will be "updates" NOT OF XEN : OF COURSE.... and we do not know WHEN ????

first : the new fall of the dying zombie....
a not very hard work made in few minutes ...

second : two little updates : the lightening bullet & the scud that follow the laser ...

half a YEAR to dig this ...... bLACKzILLa THAT IS GOOD WHEN YOU FEEL IT coming in by your butt ...

that is a bit weird that has nothing to do with XEN ??? ... ???
may be they search the famous BMS Mapper that relaunched this dead team-mod : chonkemp

he seems no longer visisting the famous bms forum :

Oct 1, '12

Last Post
Feb 27

May 19

RIP <3 <3 <3

i wonder how he was killed by the "svencoops-friends" ... with bullets in his back for sure..right after some stole his "xen"
too much promises kill the maps maker ? or may be the map maker nearly "killed" the chicken with golden eggs...
let me remind some previous "largely liked news from the past years"

Black Mesa s Xen Coming In Summer 2017 31 Oct, 2016

Black Mesa is dreaming of a Xen Christmas 20 Jun, 2017

Black Mesa's Xen chapters in 'final polish' stage 24 Jun, 2018

i hope you smell it NOW...
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