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June 12, 2014
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New STM bugfix released

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This havent never happen to me, but today I went to my 1:1 trading card bot and I was going to fullfill my sets from duplicates, but everytime "Sorry, there is too much load on the server at the moment. Please retry later."

Do I just have to wait or what? :/
Thank you
B.Ombama Jul 15 @ 6:30am 
since this last update my scan never finishes. it always gets stuck and never going even to 50%. using Opera with latest updates. deleted cookies, but it changed nothing.
anothabrotha Jul 12 @ 11:04am 
@Robou Thank you for clarifying and thank you again for all the work you put in. STM is imo by far the best nonValve Steam feature !
Robou Jul 12 @ 8:28am 
@anothabrotha When there's load on the server the number of scanned users is reduced to 500. During the sales I reduced it to 200 to further reduce the load on the servers. I have reverted this value to 500 yesterday. When there is no load, you will indeed scan the ~1200 users who have opted in to the public listing.
Friends scan is an old feature, that is currently disabled, which would scan your own friends (even if they don't use STM), it was working fine when the website launched and was useful as there were not a lot of users, but now it is causing too many queries to Steam which makes the server get temporarily blacklisted. The feature is still in the UI but I'm not sure it will be enabled again any day soon.
anothabrotha Jul 12 @ 8:11am 
What I don´t understand - so after a certain point during the sale STM would only scan 200 inventories. After this bugfix it was ~1200 for a while - seems plausible to me, about 10% group members being actually active - now it´s down to 500 scanned inventories again. Besides the the point that the distinction between scanning users/users+friends/friends never seemed to work for me ..
In any case thanks a lot for your ongoing effort !
:rank::cozytf2mug: & stay safe everybody :cozyroe3:
Sniper677™ Jul 12 @ 3:55am 
This sounds all great. Thx man!
hugo2dog Jul 12 @ 2:25am 
fab stuff!
☢The NUKE☢ Jul 11 @ 11:48pm 
JohCar Jul 11 @ 10:00pm 
moreaboutcrows Jul 11 @ 3:58pm 
Thanks a lot! Much obliged!