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Portal 2 Mapping Challenge (15th - 31st August)
For the last half of August, we encouraged Linux gamers to participate in a Portal 2 mapping challenge by creating custom levels primarily using the in-game map editor.

The challenge ran for two weeks, starting on the 15th with our Portal 2 mapping event and concluding at midnight on the 31st (UTC).

We ran four polls to allow the community to vote on their favourite puzzles and favourite experiences from both co-op and single player maps. The community favourites were:

Favourite Puzzle (Single Player)
A tie between bobsayshilol's "Brain melter" and Leo Verto's "Hidden"

Favourite Experience (Single Player)
bobsayshilol's "Brain melter", followed by Corben's "[Mongo] Testchamber 01"

Favourite Puzzle (Co-op)
Cheeseness' "Amazing v2" followed by Nemoder's "Two 4 Three Steps"

Favourite Experience (Co-op)
A tie between HER0 01's "Adventure Together!" and Cheeseness' "Amazing v2"

Full poll results can be found here[]. Congratulations to everybody who took the time to make something!

HER0 01 has put together a Steam Workshop Collection of maps that people have submitted to this thread which follow the guidelines below.

Here are some videos that people within the community have grabbed of playthroughs and map making stuff (beware of spoilers!):

Thanks to everybody who participated!

Guidelines for participants:
  • This is a challenge rather than a competition - there are no winners, just people having fun!
  • Post your published maps in this thread
  • We're going to break the community voting up into the following categories for single and co-op, so be sure to mention one or more when posting (if you don't pick one, we'll pick one for you): favourite puzzle, favourite experience
  • Feel free to make multiple maps across the two week period.
  • Feel free to make whatever you like, but only vanilla Portal 2 maps (BEEMOD maps are fine) published during the challenge will be included in community voting (if you have something that you've previously made, consider sharing it in our map sharing thread)
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全てのスレッド > Linux Game Discussion > トピックの詳細