Specialist League Community (SLCOM)
Specialist League Community (SLCOM)
January 2, 2011
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Claims Against (SL) Members
For general administration needs, see the FAQ.

This thread deals specifically with members who may, or may not have abused their voice communication rights. Exclusive to the SL servers, all veteran players earn a limited ability to issue temporary player mutes. These mutes can be applied to all players except (SL) members. (SL) members are considered trusted players, and as such, have additional privileges, including immunity to !mute.

However, even the best of us can sometimes betray our trust. As such, this forum serves as a means for players to protest the general coms behavior of any (SL) member.

How this works:
  • The server owner, (SL) Uncle Fred handles cases.
  • Only postings that meet the requirements will be addressed
  • The accused (SL) member will be allowed at least 72 hours to respond.
  • All rulings are posted here.
If a member is found in violation of the rules, their punishment is as follows:
  • 1 week voice suspension. Minor server rule offense.
  • Removal of membership. Blatant rule offense.

Server Rules & Member Behavior Policies[]

How to post a successful case
Use this forum.
  • Do not submit claims and/or evidence to (SL) members or the owner via Steam chat.
Post only about an (SL) member. All (SL) members have this tag on their name.
    Include date and time of the incident.
    Include video evidence.
    • All claims must contain a short Youtube[,com] or Vimeo video.
    • SL server gameplay only.
    • Include game audio that demonstrates a member broke a server rule.[]
    • If longer than 3 minutes, include timestamps indicating where to watch.
    • If over 3 mins without timestamps, only the first 3 mins will be viewed.
    Let the evidence do the talking.
    • The Owner will only consider the video evidence.
    • Avoid additional explanations.
    • Do not post essays, involve others, rant or spam this forum. If a post contains this content, the Owner will stop reading & delete it.
    SL server & forum behavior only.
    • Steam messages, behavior on other games or servers, or any other behavior falls outside the control of administration and thus will not be considered.

    Relevant Links
    Server Rules & Member Behavior Policies[]
    Administration FAQ
    Steam ID Finder[]
    Stats Database

    Uncle Fred
    Specialist League Owner
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