ScammerProtection scamprotect
ScammerProtection scamprotect
November 3, 2018
ABOUT ScammerProtection

This group was made by HaDe to educate as many users as possible about common scam methods and prevent them from happening.

The goal in this group is to make sure that the majority of Steam users are aware of scams. We will post proofs, examples and useful guides on common scams and attempts to give scammers a hard time by preventing a potential risk of being scammed for as many victims as possible.

To make more users aware of scams please do us all a favor and invite some or all your friends.

Group was founded 3rd November 2018
How to BAN a scam site from Steam!
Hey everyone, today I wanted to present you a new way to get scam links removed from Steam!

How it works: I am always looking for scam links on Steam forums, groups, chats and comment sections to pass them along to a Steam community moderator so he can get them removed from Steam :maglike:

How YOU can get scam links banned: I created a section on our Steam group chat of this group where you can post all the scam links you find on Steam.

At least once a day I will open the chat and pass along all the scam links to the Steam community moderator so he can get them banned!

Join our group chat here and post all the scam links you find in the "report scam links here" channel:

Together we will be able to remove hundreds or even thousands of scam links over time and turn Steam into a better place.

Thanks for your support and I wish you an awesome day!

New guide! Explaining what to do when your account was hacked!
Hey everyone!

I just released a very simple and straighforward guide which contains some important steps you should definitely follow when your account was hacked or you are just paranoid.

Reading through it and applying those steps only takes a few minutes so make sure to check it out!

Sharing this guide with your friends and rating it would be appreciated :Heartyou:

Bumbefly Sony Test םו Feb 12 @ 5:56pm 
@🤍⁧ please use forum and evidence. No Naming&Shaming here.
Bumbefly Sony Test םו Jan 28 @ 2:49pm 
However, if you have evidence - i think you do - please use the forum.
Bumbefly Sony Test םו Jan 28 @ 2:45pm 
Please don't go around naming & shaming Medeiros. I had to remove your post for lack of evidence. Besides, with a custom url that a scammer can change at any time, you're not gonna get far warning ppl.
Bumbefly Sony Test םו Jan 24 @ 11:35am 
I'm afraid that's gonna be mighty difficult ♫Mzq♫♥♛ . Steam won't re-emburse and that amount of money is barely the fee of a lawyer but doesn't cover costs of a trial. IF any-one could find the person behind the scam. If you have a good insurance they might re-emburse the loss.
Even if insurance company gets more complaints from their customers being scammed from the same account, it's very difficult to impossible to find a person behind the scam.

We can help you file a report to Steam Support who then can ban the account but that's about all we can do on this forum.
♫Mzq♫♥♛ Jan 24 @ 11:21am 
Hy.i m scammed on cs deals i lost 280 euro on my balance.plss help me recovery my money
Bumbefly Sony Test םו Jan 19 @ 11:15pm 
Hi Archibald. Gamers can't ban some-one or else malicious traders wold ban all honest traders. Steam can issue a ban if they get enough valid reports. Valid reports means reports from victims only. You can report them under the dropdown menu at the right top of their profile (3 dots next to add friend and the profile prizes).
There's no use in asking your friends to report the scammer as they can’t provide any new information…. unless they were victim too.

Mind you, scamming is most often regarded as a “legally binding trade” as the victim usually (is pushed to) ignored(/ignoring) warning signs. You won’t get your items back although with proper insurance and high enough value, your insurance company might reimburse the loss.
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November 3, 2018