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SuicideBarrels barrels
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SuicideBarrels barrels
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The New Suicide Barrels Community!

We now have "Community Crazy Hour" every Saturday at 8pm PST so drop by and have some fun! We'll give out donation perks randomly, so play for a chance to win!

Welcome to the new central hub for suicide barrel enthusiasts! The goal of this page is to both provide a way for players to get together and play this awesome gamemode, and allow them to discuss ways to improve the game and their gameplay. For the first goal, we currently have a dedicated beta server hosting a new and improved version of the gamemode (see below). For the second goal, we have a forum like system here on this community page where you can post suggestions, issues, or just discuss aspects of the game that suit your fancy.

If you want to support the development of Suicide Barrels, consider donating at . As a reward for your donation you can unlock fun and quirky new guns to diversity your gameplay. I've spent many hours fixing up this gamemode so you guys (and myself) can enjoy it to the fullest extent, so if you are feeling gracious, consider donating to help me continue development.

Looking to play suicide barrels? Gather some players from this group and head to the server below!

How To Join

Server Status[]

Player Ranking[]

Option 1:
Open up the console in garrys mod (using the ` key)
Type " connect "

Option 2:
Open up the gamemode list and look for "Suicide Barrels." It will be there somewhere.

Remember to save the server as a favorite so you can find it again easily!


After much work fixing up this ancient but hilariously fun gamemode, we've finally come up with a working version. It has...

+ Special gun upgrades for last man standing
+ Automatic map voting/switching
+ Upgraded, more realistic weapon models
+ Better spawning
+ User ranks and unlock-able weapons
+ New maps
+ Complete code reworking for a reliable and bug free experience

Fancy features aside though, what this server really has, and what what no other server has seemed to be able to provide, is consistency. If you ever want to play suicide barrels, you will find this server up and running so you can play it. So, go find your friends and tell them to join this steam community so we can bring back suicide barrels to the glory it once had.
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Yeezy Jeezy 2018年8月12日 21時32分 
Add skydive to the map rotation please
SelfMedicated 2018年6月16日 10時25分 
lets revive this mode?
Thunder_Pika 2017年9月23日 14時30分 
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Sƴøη 2017年1月8日 15時52分 
STEAM_0:0:61116172 is hacking noclip and fully auto pistol
Sƴøη 2017年1月8日 11時02分 
tanks for de revolve
ChangNotChange 2016年12月23日 20時35分 

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
What do I do
To get a Revolver from You
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