Rusky Oxide Server [MY] Rusky Rust
Rusky Oxide Server [MY] Rusky Rust
February 19, 2014
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MACH.VI Feb 25, 2014 @ 1:53am
*Everyone must empty their inventory and you will be teleported to the arena. If you want to place a bet, bring the exact amount of Woods or Metal Fragments*

*ONE sleeping bag will be given to you. Redeem at the counter at the arena. You will be escorted to a room to place it down and then suicide. This is to make sure no one bringing anything else. You can leave the sleeping bag there after u respawn*

EVENT: Naked Gladiators (Team, Friendly Fire ON)
*Min 2 teams with 3 players*
*If you do not have a group, a group will be assigned to you*
*Group mod will be removed for this event and added back after the event ended*

- Everybody wants naked fighting!

EVENT: Haunted House (Free for all)
*Min 8 Players*

How To Play:
- Run for your life and do not look back!

EVENT: Hunger Games (Free for all)
*At least 10 players participate for this event to start*
*Each team must have the same amount of players with other teams (min 2)*
*Prize may change at anytime*
*Group mod will be removed for this event and added back after the event ended*

How To Play:
- A door will be assigned to everyone which you will enter from when the event starts
- After the countdown ended, opens the door and rush to the top to get your weapons, or run away like chicken :p
- You are not allowed to go back to the basement or else you will be disqualified
- If no one dies for 10 minutes, 1 "ghost" will enter the arena to kill 1 person. A "ghost" with a m4. Another "ghost" will enter if no one dies for 20 minutes.
- "Ghost" cant be killed but will disappear when someone dies.
- If you see an invi admin but not using m4, he is just the referee and not the "ghost"
- And finally, the last surviving team wins

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