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March 18, 2015
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Myrshine Apr 4, 2017 @ 10:16pm
Deathrun Server Rules
Deathrun Server General Rules

> Obey and respect ALL staff members - disrespecting or disobeying a staff member can result in a ban.

> Don't harass, disrespect, or flame others - please respect other players.

> Don't Mic/Chat Spam - spamming chat with text, spamming mic with noise, music, echo, etc.

> Don't advertise - other servers, websites, products, etc.

> Use English only - we're an English community, so we expect you be able to speak English.

> Using any sort of cheating, hacking, threats, scripts and any exploiting method - you'll get an auto-ban for cheating/hacking. Exploiting is not allowed.

> Don't use any impersonation - includes copying the username of a staff member or player off the server.

> Don't make false votes - don't insinuate a vote unless the user is spamming chat with text, spamming mic with noise, music, echo, etc, a false vote can get you kicked or banned.

> Punishment Evading - includes disconnecting from the server in attempt to evade a punishment (this includes if a member is vote muting/gagging/silencing you.)

> Don't taunt spam - taunt spamming can lag or crash the server aswell as annoy other players.

> Don't send random trades - this is overall annoying, so please take any sort of trades to the RetroServer's trade servers instead.

Deathrun Server Gamemode Rules

> Don't map exploit - this means don't find any exploitable way to advoid a trap or 'motivator' in any map.

> Don't delay - don't hold up the game, finish the round (abusing easter eggs counts!)

> Don't suicide as Death/Hale - suiciding as death will result to you being kicked or banned.

> Don't lie about freeruns - don't lie about freeruns or use any freerun word play (a.k.a "freebun", "freerum", etc). A "freerun" is when the death/hale says in chat "freerun" or "free", once this happens, the death/hale is not allowed to use ANY traps or they'll will be kicked or slayed.

Deathrun Server Donator Rules

Abuse of Donator powers will result in a removal of said powers with no refund of donation.

> Don't resize yourself - using your donator abilities to avoid traps, the 'motivator', delay rounds or abuse easter egg areas.

If you have any questions or concerns reguarding the rules, feel free to contact Nendei.
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