Ramblers Space Engineers RSENG
Ramblers Space Engineers RSENG
August 1, 2014
Ramblers Frontier Wars [Online]
Missions and News from the frontier..
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Ramblers Frontier Wars Universe [active]
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Aim of frontier wars -
Objective based play -
Such as capture or hold the base, or to patrol a given area, capture or destroy, resupply etc.

Sometimes we put a freeze on saves and stage battles between ships or factions.

1: When capturing an objective you should transfer its beacon to the faction capturing it as a "flag" to indicate ownership and prevent your ships shooting at it.
2: Ships towed to the Junk yard (GPS:1000:1000:1000) are fair game for anyone. Be warned any drifting ships found get moved here during map maintenance; so if you miss place a ship check here. Criteria: no power and/or drifting and/or damaged
3: Avoid stealing active ships - although isolated ships with no spawn bay are probably safe.
4: Only attack online players if possible its more fun if they shoot back
5: No griefing - grinding and destruction should have a purpose beyond simply being an a$$hole.
6: If in doubt, use more guns.


Current Mod list Filename = '507705420.sbm', Name = 'ShipYard/Fly Through Welder (Dx11)' Filename = '454075333.sbm', Name = 'Female Armor "Tungsten" [DX11]' Filename = '295393216.sbm', Name = '(DX11)Armor Thrusters' Filename = '436025957.sbm', Name = '(DX11) Kolt - Command Console Pack' Filename = '515710178.sbm', Name = 'dev test of work in progress Economy script' Filename = '316190120.sbm', Name = 'Midspace's Admin helper commands' Filename = '345096709.sbm', Name = 'Star Trek - Disruptor Pack' Filename = '297348674.sbm', Name = '(DX11) Bunk Bed' Filename = '298550266.sbm', Name = '(DX11)Letters Mod' Filename = '294621451.sbm', Name = '(DX11)Big Gate' Filename = '441062730.sbm', Name = '(DX 11) JupiterSpeedBox'

-------------------- GPS List -------------------- refer in game to your faction chat for GPS links
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Razor Jan 10, 2015 @ 12:59pm 
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Can we get a clean up of posts we dont need here anymore :P
This is just to announce that Captain Zannador having somehow been overlooked has been upgraded to /full/ C&C system access in the Ramblers Frontier Warzone. May (whoever character we make up as in charge of Federal Space) look upon him with favour. This should be considered a promotion, and he is expected to exercise his new discretionary powers with all due care for an officer in his station.

Technical Engineer Skull has also been given cursory C&C access to logistics systems in this sector under his Skullcorp military research contract.
Zannador May 30, 2015 @ 12:50am 
I'm on pretty much every day and can update as required. Ready to assist if anyone needs help.
Hi Guys, dunno if you still follow the server - i am moving the map to a NZ data centre, this may add 50 or so ping to our server, but hopefully gets rid of the on going data centre problems in Sydney, it also allows us to use the discount which means more slots or more cpu priority once its moved
Karnivool Aug 3, 2015 @ 12:44am 
is the warpdrive gone its kinde redundant now.
I'm not attached to any mods atm i play vanilla now.
Have you thought about a fresh start.
it is getting pretty fresh, ive been systematically removing bugged stuff when found, and deleting instead of moving to junk yard 90% of time now.

One thing holding me up is current admin mod mode changes are broken so i cant jump to ships and delete them as in the past

The warp drive is being reworked as a military grade item now, if you check it out, its got assorted upgrades and jamming abilities, and higher prescision to the vanilla one.. (ie, vanilla wont jump within a distance of objects, the mod one can, half our ships still have the old one too..)
Looks like steam is now blocking links to websites not ran by the fortune 500.. if you wish to use a server status banner, use the one from or change the http to https to get our old one.
Ok, I have finished first round of filming, still need to edit it all..
But here is some discoveries from large scale battles -
1: turret priorities seem to revert or change with damage.. i had all gatlings set missile, and rockets set large ships... but at some point they both reset back to shoot at players or ships too which given a player was the camera was.. inconvenient - also caused lag, as the miniguns were shooting when they should not be
2: autopilot works well on a server with low load, and can path find well.. but the pathfinding routine appears to only work for one ship.. if you have multiple moving ships, unlike single ships, which avoid other ships, moving ships tend to cluster and crash into each other.. thus...
3: when setting staged battle way points, set unique ones for each ship with minimal path crossing otherwise you will get lots of allied ramming accidents.
4: the faster or more powerful the PC the better the responsiveness of the game.. even if you are just a client. The hosting lan PC ran the game like a dog, but the camera client had no trouble moving at all
5: over time the battle lags up more and more.. which was odd as all ships at the start moved and shot at each other fine, and damage was off for the early part of the battle so there wasnt floaties.
6: the last person to log off, becomes the default player location.. bug I think. My game host (lana) hopped in a cryo, I tested the map on my camera pc, and somehow i was then in the cryo
7: something in one of the asteroids caused some sort of already referenced error, crashing the map until i deleted it..
8: Zannador is still in his cryo as his ship was battling in autopilot ROFL!
9: will upload the aftermath as a workshop map if anyone is curious
10: items attached to rotors, are not detected as part of the ship or station if you use the destruct off flag.. keep this in mind if you make scenarios
11: game still forgets its control seat presets.. grr yet some remember arghh
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Zannador Aug 31, 2015 @ 3:09am 
That's a girl, fending them off while I'm sleeping :-) UFP tech is not to be messed with mwa ha ha...
Razor Nov 11, 2015 @ 3:03am

Just a thought for a better drill instead of having to use heaps of drills on a ship to mine
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although i didnt add the heavy drills, (im trying to keep mod downloads to a minimum) i did add fly through for some other people, there is a demo setup at blue mining. all shipyard maintainers may want to check it out
Blue Mining Trade Network Status
NAV ID | Details
BLU 0 - Primary Trade Base - Status Normal
BLU 1 - Mining Survey/Transport Ship - Status Transporting BLU 2
BLU 2 - Mining Ship - Status Requires Repairs
BLU 3 - Europa Mining Base Sandoria - Status Drill Failure
BLU 4 - Base - Junk Yard - Status Dark (4)/ Destroyed
BLU 5 - Base - Red Baron - Status Dark (5)/ Destroyed
BLU 6 - Base - Mclord outpost - Status Dark (6) / Unknown
BLU 7 - Ganymede Colonial TRADE Outpost - Status Dark (7)/ ONLINE
BLU 8 - Ganymede Gold and Silver Mine - Status Dark (8)
BLU 9 - Base - Home Town - Status Dark (9)/ Destroyed
BLU 10 - Ship Yard -Status Dark (10) / Decomissioned
BLU 11 - Military Supply Base - Status Dark (11)
BLU 11a Military Gunship - Status Dark (11a) / ONLINE
BLU 12 - Mining Base - Status Dark (12) / Destroyed in UFP war
BLU 13 - Base Dark 13 - Status Dark (13)
BLU 14 - Base Ship Dark one - Status Dark (1)
BLU 15 - Industrial Ship Duchessa - Status Lost Presumed Destroyed
BLU 16 - M30 Base Kristakis - Status Dark (16)
BLU 17 - Anchorage Facility - Status Owned by EPI
BLU 18 - Dronefab Fabrication Base - Status Owned by Omega Industries
BLU 19 - Base - Status Crimson Base UFP
BLU 20 - Terrestrial Base - UFP Headquarters
BLU 21 - Base Karni Station - Faction Guard Post
BLU 22 - UFP Fleet Action Waypoint
BLU 23 - Supply Depot - Status Dark (2) Transferred to Dark (13)
BLU 24 - Staging Zone - Defiler (DEF) Faction Territory
BLU 25 - Mining Base - Dark 12 Class Mining base. SoS Territory
BLU 26 - Staging Zone - Nerdlinger Faction - Kristakis (x2)
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