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August 4, 2017
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itanii Aug 25, 2017 @ 7:24am
PUG Rules
• Be respectful to your fellow players and users.
• Do not attempt to impersonate other users.
• If you are playing on an alternate account, do not abuse using your obscured identity. Alternate accounts are expressly forbidden if PUG rules are not observed, as a result the user’s main and alternate accounts will be permanently restricted from our servers as a consequence.
• Do not spam, advertise in, or otherwise negatively affect chat / voice chat.

• Do not add up if you are unable to immediately play a full-length game (30-minutes). Players with internet connectivity issues are to understand that they will be replaced with a sub for their role on their team, without rejoining their teams repeatedly as this can disrupt the entire gameplay for other users. As such, players with repeated connectivity issues will be permanently subbed by other players for the entire duration of the game until their connectivity issue has been resolved.
• Do not volunteer as team captain if you will not be able to pick a competitive team fairly without stacking. Captains may need to play an atypical role in order to accomplish this.
• It is not recommended to play a role you are uncomfortable playing, if you are able to, speak with your team mates regarding switching roles.
• Do not leave the server after rolling. If you have to leave for urgent matters, get a sub to replace you before leaving the server or this can affect team picks, resulting in an overall delay for the game to start for other players.

• Play to the best of your ability. Do not play with the intent to ruin a PUG. Griefing or trolling will result in a temporary ban, and repeated behavior can result in a permanent ban.
• Once you have received server info for the game, promptly connect to our Discord Server
• Play for the full length of the game, and do not leave early without first getting a proper substitute.
• Do not take over other team mates’ roles when they are facing connection issues and trying to reconnect to the server, without their prior permission. Players are strongly discouraged from interrupting / compromising their team’s gameplay, such behaviour can result in a kick from the server. Repeated behavior of such extent can result in a ban.
• Do not excessively off-class. Limited off-classing is appropriate by flank roles (scouts and/or roamer) during final point offense/defense only, off-classing to mid is not allowed.
• Do not attempt to obtain and/or utilize unfair advantages against other players. Cheating is a serious violation of competitive integrity and cannot be tolerated — players with a history of cheating may be barred from play, and suspected cheaters may be indefinitely suspended until further review.
• Do not abuse in-game server commands, such as voting to kick players without valid reasons, voting to change config during live games, changing map during live games, etc. Using the vote system/server commands unwisely can result in a temporary ban.

• Do not replace players unless they are being disruptive. Valid reasons for replacement include, but are not limited to: lack of communication, purposeful trolling, not showing up to the game, and leaving the game prematurely. Invalid reasons include, but are not limited to: lack of chemistry, unsatisfactory skill level, and high latency.
• Do not unwillingly override someone to medic.
• It is mandatory to pick +1 players first (those who rolled), and mandatory to pick players who rolled first, over those who did not (a PUG is deemed fresh if more than 20 minutes has elapsed between PUGs)
• Rolling is mandatory for team picks, +1s who do not roll for subsequent PUGs after a fresh PUG will not be picked over rollers. This system ensures players who waited to roll get to play the PUG

General PUGs Rules

1. Do not enter a Novice PUGs server without PUG role assigned
2. Off-classing to mid is not allowed on Novice and Mixed PUGs, the single-life rule applies for off-classing while holding last and pushing out with the team after (off-classing to mid is allowed on Advanced PUGs)
3. Only rollers can be picked for teams for both Novice and Mixed PUGs (free picks are allowed on Advanced PUGs)
4. Dodging playing of Medic is disallowed
5. Admin impersonation with the intention to disrupt PUGs / abuse can result in a long term ban
6. Abusive behaviour including forcing a player to sub out, is disallowed
7. Discord is mandatory for PUGs without muting or deafening
8. Chat spam / flooding is disallowed, this includes both players and spectators
9. Griefing / throwing a PUG can result in a ban
10. Leaving a PUG without a sub is disallowed
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