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February 13, 2020
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Para Nov 30, 2020 @ 1:58am
[Server Guidelines]
By playing on our servers, you hereby agree to these guidelines. Users with VIP status are not exempt from punishment. Those who are caught circumventing bans in any way will be permanently banned from our servers without dispute. Reports of bad user behavior are handled at the discretion of the administrators.

Ban List[]

Major Offenses:
These will result in a lengthened ban or permanent ban.

Making comments using slurs or derogatory language whether it be in a joking manner or not.

Controversial Topics
Discussing politics, movements, religion, or sensitive topics as they usually lead to hostile conversations.

Insulting, harassing, or threatening other players. We also do not condone comparing other servers in an attempt to create "rivalries." While you're at it, try not to have an ego as well which includes, but not limited to, bragging about your points and ranking position.

Inappropriate Behavior
Making certain players uncomfortable by sexually harassing them or "simping."

Using third-party software to hack or abusing server mechanics such as Antifarm.

Minor Offenses:
Usually forgiven as long as they are not accumulated. These will result in a mute, kick, or temporary ban.

Team Killing
Deliberately attacking other players or leaving them to die out of pettiness. It's not hard to tell what's an accident and what's not.

Intentionally disrupting the game such as playing with doors and refusing to enter an elevator to stall the game.

Advertising, flooding, excessive use of caps, or abusing voice chat. You MUST use Push-to-Talk and not have an open mic.

Unacceptable Spray
Having sprays that contain NSFW, illegal, or shocking imagery.

If you do not agree with these rules nor like this server, use the !blacklist command to make you feel better; whining about the server will have us do it for you as a favor.

IMPORTANT: Allegations of personal abuse from any player or staff member are taken very serious and will be investigated if reported.
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All Discussions > Support > Topic Details
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