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March 31, 2017
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Oct 29 @ 2:58am
How important, really, is class diversity in medieval MvM when Demoknight is seemingly able to do everything that's absolutely necessary?
Having played both Frostwynd missions as Spy this past evening, I can say from experience that Spy has an important place in the Medieval MvM meta.

Spies can deal exceptionally high damage to single targets, and can do so without being immediately killed in the process. Demoknights often struggle against certain giants, like Giant Demoknights and Giant Pyros (if the mission includes bots that aren't restricted to medieval rules). Spies can quickly get some stabs in and run away/Dead Ring away before the Giant can kill them. Even if they do kill the human Spy, the giant will have been substantially weakend by the Spy's attack. I found that upgrading Armor Penetration before melee attack speed was a good way to play Spy in this mode.

Spies are ridiculously effective against mid-size bots, since those bots can be killed in a single backstab. This frees up the team from having to deal those bots and allows them to focus on trash clearing and defending the bomb.

Spies can take out Medics very easily in this mode, made all the easier since there are generally less ranged bots to mow them down once they drop their disguise and attack. Demoknights and Huntsmen can perform the same task but there are risks inherent to both of those approches: a flubbed headshot or a non-critical hit could cause a medic to pop easily. Spies can quickly kill the medics and escape.

Spies will often collect money from stabbed bots, and can easily pick up any other cash they see without being attacked by bots.

Finally, Spies can draw aggro, since bots really, REALLY hate Spies.

In short, Spies are free to get craploads of backstabs in and provide precise, heavy damage and support in situations where other classes may struggle.

Combine a Spy or two with the crowd-clearing and Tank damage from Demoknights, ranged damage from a Hunstmen and Medics, and support from Medics and Scouts. The results will speak for themselves.
8 hours ago
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Showing 1-2 of 2 entries