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March 31, 2017
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interrobang Aug 9, 2019 @ 3:43pm
Madness vs Machines Bug Report Thread
Please type !bug in-game and copy/paste the printout to this thread when you encounter a bug, and then describe the bug in your post. Otherwise, fill out the bottom template to the best of your ability.

To keep this thread tidy, we will remove posts of bugs that have been already addressed. If your post was removed but the bug wasn't fixed, simply post your report again!

Post format
Please detail any bugs you find, using the form(s) below:

Map & Mission Bug Template:
Server Number:
Map/Mission name:
Wave number:
Time the bug happened:
Describe the bug:
Any screenshots:

Please provide as much information as you can. Screenshots help us reproduce the problem, and the server number and mission name lets us find the demo file to see things break in front of our eyes. For the time fields, include the time listed on your PC clock + your time zone.

Thanks for helping us keep Madness vs Machines bug-free!
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LazyOne Nov 30, 2019 @ 10:19pm 
Server Number: 16
Demo: mvm_doppler_b12_int_rusty_sound_wave_1575176359.dem
Tick: 147812
Map/Mission name: Rusty Sound Wave
Wave number: 2, I think.
Description: Only has 1 giant sandman scout (well 1 of some kind of giant/super scout) but wavebar shows 19 giant sandman scouts. The rest of them are normal sandman scouts.
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Originally posted by Glesas:
Server Number: Na
Map/Mission name: Casino city / Platinum Parade
Time the bug happened: idk
Describe the bug: The mission Platinum Parade i complete all 4 waves and i look at site all ok
meanwhile im looking and wave 4 is gone (early i was having a 102 points)
Any screenshots;
Was this today that you played wave 4 or are you recently returning to Madness after taking a break? Platinum Parade was originally only 3 waves and had a fourth one added a few months ago to increase its then very short duration. You will need to complete the new wave to get credit for that mission. If you did play it today, wait until midnight eastern time to see if the daily database sync fixes it.
Originally posted by CyanGlitch:
Server Number:???
Map/Mission name:Sequoia/Forest Fight
Wave number:Doesn't matter (1 tho)
Time the bug happened:Jan 28, 2020
Describe the bug:So yeah, there is this bug that I join a server and boom, I can't see it on anymore. it a little and weird bug, but I think its worth mentioning. First, I thought it was nothing but it happened again. And YES I tried resetting the page and f5 SEVERAL times.
Any screenshots:these were both taken at the same time.
The game moment:
-screenshot snip-
The page at the same time:
Your google drive image isn't public. I don't have access to view it.
Describe the bug:do i really need to describe it if you can just watch video?
Any screenshots:
Describe the bug:just teletrap
Any screenshots:
Acuzik Mar 7 @ 5:24pm 
Server Number: 3
Demo: mvm_doppler_b12_int_rusty_sound_wave_1583628353.dem
Tick: 149513
Wave: Last wave
Time 7:39 pm CST
Describe the bug: Heavy knockback moved the boss giant soldier behind the metal fence on top of the robot spawn, and the robot cant get back down
Edit: restarted and tried the wave again, and the fence wasnt there. It seems like the path the robots take out of the furthestmost spawn is somewhat random, so this bug only applies if the fence is blocking the top spawn
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LazyOne Mar 29 @ 8:42pm 
You don't get minutes added to your MM progress on the final wave.
I didn't get this message on the last wave of Oxidize advanced mission: [MM] You earned 6 min 45 sec of progress this wave.
Also didn't get it on the 1 wave intermediate mission on the same map.
!bug Potato moders,you didn't counted me and a lot of players wave 9 on teien
Server Number: 34
Map/Mission Name: Teien/Donacdum
Wave Number: Entire Mission
Time the bug happened: around 7:30PM MST
Demo: mvm_teien_rc6_int_donacdum_1586226714.dem
Tick: 67415

Description: I tried to play this mission, and when I spawned into the server, I had seen missing texture errors throughout the entire map from the spawn to the robot spawn. I reinstalled the asset pack three times from the website and I still see the error signs on this map.

89night Apr 19 @ 2:34pm 
Server Number: I dont know
Map/Mission Name: Oxidize/Mannure
Wave Number: 5
Time the bug happened: 2:10 PM
Demo: n/p
Tick: idk?

Description: We were near the end of the wave when I was disconnected suddenly without warning. Since I am new to all this, I didn't know what the map and mission was called, and well after 2-3 minutes I finally found the server but it was already too late. This was extremely infuriating and inconvinient because all the time I spent in that server was all for nothing.

Also, one thing to note is that 1 minute is not enough time for newer players to find their way back.
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