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March 31, 2017
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HH Submission Guidelines, READ BEFORE POSTING!!!
Development on Operation Hexadecimal Horrors has begun!

For this event, we will be accepting public halloween themed map and mission submissions, with 30 intermediate, advanced, and expert missions in total.

Want to learn how to make missions with our brand new server mods and take a swing at getting your mission into HH? Join our discord[] to get started and check out the information at the bottom of this post!

Once you've tested your mission and are ready to submit, create a new thread here. Formatting can be found in the second pinned post

Current Map Pool:

Submission Guidelines:
  • Submissions must be posted by August 20th. Map submissions may be granted an extension due to the larger workload.

  • 2 Submissions maximum. In order to preserve quality over quantity and give everyone a chance, we will only accept up to 2 missions per mission maker. You can only submit a second mission after the first one has been accepted. These limitations do not apply to intermediate missions.

  • .ZIP only, dropbox or gdrive preferred. If your submission requires more than just the popfile, we will not accept .rar or other file compression formats.

  • All submissions must be Halloween themed.

    Maps do not need to be strictly valve-halloween themed and can be a spooky spin-off of an existing map (e.g. null).

    You are allowed to convert a non-halloween map using our server mods if a judge approves it.

  • Three strikes. If something does not have a clear chance of passing after 3 separate judging runs, it will be rejected. To avoid getting striked out, test your missions as much as possible on our testing servers.[] Reviewing demos after a playtest can be incredibly useful as well.

    This is not a strict rule. If your map/mission only needs minor tweaks after run 3, exceptions can be made and strikes will not be given.

  • No personal Balance Mods. While tweaking/buffing underused weapons is acceptable, Severely nerfing or blacklisting weapons, upgrades, or classes because they are “overpowered” and no other reason will not be accepted.

    Maximum of 15 rebalanced weapons per mission

    Disabling refunds, reanimators, buybacks, or other vanilla features without a very good reason will not be accepted.

Mission Making Resources:

Server mod resources:
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Update: Intermediate missions are now excluded from the submission restrictions. A failed intermediate will not disqualify you from entering an advanced or expert.
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