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August 8, 2015
New Zealand 

Welcome to the OZ.NZ Steam Group

Use the General Discussion forum to post any questions or suggestions you have. Please keep conversation clean and mature as we have young ones in the group too.

We frequently run polls on our website where you can vote on server features and settings.

7 Days to Die - PvE

We run a popular server based off vanilla settings but with an intelligent bot that offers a high level of player interaction, base protection, revival, punish cheaters and killers in PVE zones and a virtual economy used to teleport around. We've build a strong, incredibly helpful community and you will feel right at home! Come try us out, you won't be disappointed :)

  • 7DTD Vanilla settings but with an awesome bot to punish cheaters or player killers.
  • Market for Player Vending Machines and a /lobby for newbies
  • Base protection feature to prevent griefing
  • Virtual economy (earned by killing zombies)
  • Heaps of extra commands: /who, /wallet, /pack, /base. Type /help in-game for all commands!
  • Live Map []
  • Hacker protection and hourly server backups!

Port: 25010

ARK: Survival Evolved - Terra Zealandia - PvE

So you like dinosaurs? Hunt, kill or tame and ride off into the sunset only to be devoured by a T-rex. Our server has been modified to take some of the tediousness out of the game.

  • 4x Taming Speed
  • 4x Difficulty (aimed at end game, to tame high level dinos!)
  • 1.5x Global Harvest Amount
  • 48 Minute Day and 13 Minute Night Cycles
  • 4x Egg hatch and baby maturity

Port: 27015

OZ.NZ Minecraft - PvE / PvP

Minecraft Vanilla server with some additional command block features. If you are a nice person you are welcome to join us ;-)

  • White List Only - Please email to apply to be added.
  • Family Friendly - no swearing or vulgar talk, no griefing and respect for other players. Believe me, we enforce this.
  • Teleporting between players (using carpets!)
  • You get to pick whether your play style is PvE or PvP and will be regioned with like minded players.
  • Vote Here [] for in-game goodies!

Port: 25565

OZ.NZ TeamSpeak Server

Feel free to use our TeamSpeak server. A few channels have already been setup for each game we host, however feel free to create your own private channels.

Port: 9987
OZ.NZ - Maintenance - 21 Feb 2018 - SERVICES RESTORED!
UPDATE: Vector engineer made it on site in record time and apparently power is back on. Server should be up again soon!



Hi Survivors,

There is an electrical fault at the premises where the server equipment is hosted. Since it's afterhours, it might be difficult for them to source an electrician to work on it.

If I get any updates, I'll pass them along to you, but for now we're sitting ducks. At the time of this post, we had 75% left on the UPS. I'll shut everything down before we run out.

The following services will seize while the equipment is offline:
  • 7 Days to Die Server
  • Minecraft Server
  • Website
  • TeamSpeak (if anyone still uses that server)
We'll communicate when it comes back up over:
  • Steam Community Group
  • Discord
Apologies for the inconvenience!

Take care,

OZ.NZ Rawhope - 7DTD Complete Wipe - Friday 9 Feb 2018 8pm Queensland / 11pm NZ
The final results were:
YES - 74 (80%)
NO - 19 (20%)

TIME FINALISED - New Rawhope will be up at 8PM Queensland / 11PM NZ Time!!

We have read through the discussions and taken it on-board. Several people have asked for the zombie difficulty to be increased and we fully support the idea. So for now we'll bump it up by one and go from 3 to 4. This can always be increased at a later stage, nothing is set in stone..

There are other ideas we're working on implementing and we may be in touch with some of you directly.

Now I'd like to find out... what do you want to do with the last remaining hours?

At least one person asked for time to take video footage of their base, but I also suspect some would like the opportunity to... watch the world burn.

We were thinking of changing the server into PVP for the remainder of the time. A great time to use up all that ammo and rockets you saved up.

We can go as far as making all land claims really weak....

One exception, do not collapse large buildings or we'll have to spend the day keeping the old server running rather than finish up what we need to do on the new one.

Happy to take suggestions on how you want the last few hours to play out!

Take care,

♠ JINX ♠ Mar 8 @ 11:01am 
It was one player only and he certainly had not died. Next time I will raise a /alert.
Damit Mar 6 @ 9:27pm 
Jinx - you should be able to see every players inventory maybe the ones you couldn't had just died and lost their stuff. If there is a player that you cannot see raise an /alert with players name and we can check it out.
Having inventory visible helps weed out dupers, everyone can and does keep an eye out :)
♠ JINX ♠ Mar 3 @ 11:02am 
How is it that on the Live Map I can't see a certain players Inventory? Everyone else's I can see!
Is there a way to not show what is in your inventory? If so how is it done?
RedStoolSample Feb 23 @ 2:43pm 
id love to see modded server
LilMissNorti Feb 6 @ 9:04pm 
Pasted from Discord:

Um...hi...haven't been on Rawhope for probably 10+mths...our massive underground base was re-leased to a new tribe and given new life (I think) and have been playing some mods at the moment in the anticipation of a17. After having a number of large builds wiped off servers (some for completely unnecessary reasons) I can sympathise with people who have made large base designs and their worth to have to start from ground zero again...but hey, that is all of the fun in this game. I won't vote, but would support a reset since a) we joined and everything was pretty established, b) lobby and market made things a little "too easy" (so would support giving admins time to remake/build/import these while oldbies go old school), and c) see previous comment about the game being fun when you constantly have to keep an eye in the back of your head for stuff jumping you. Once you hit endgame there is literally nothing to "do" anymore and that makes for a bored Norti.
olliebaysinger Feb 4 @ 8:38pm 
Awesome Server guys thanks you all for the time and effort involved
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August 8, 2015
New Zealand