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October 28, 2015
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Fancy Fish Sep 5, 2020 @ 1:22am
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We are a casual group, we have members across many timezones and most of our active members have jobs and families that demand their time and attention. This means group activity can fluctuate, but we aim to provide a friendly and welcoming community that caters to our members needs.

To Protect our members we have a zero tolerance policy for troublemakers, attention seekers and drama queens. We want Older Gamer to be a plesant experience for all.

If you're okay with the above then feel free to join us:

Please write a small introduction as a comment below, you can be as vague or detailed as you like.

One of our mods will then send you a friend request to invite you to join.

On a side note: many members requesting to join the group do not have their games listed on their profile. This is most often unintentional on your part since Steam changed the default privacy settings at some point in 2018 and hid this information. Since you are looking to join a social gaming group here, it only makes sense for you to edit your profile -> privacy settings to allow folks to see what you're playing (unless, of course, you feel strongly about not advertising your gaming preferences)
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Fancy Fish Sep 6, 2020 @ 2:24am 
↓↓↓ Please submit your request to join below ↓↓↓
Hi and Hugs
Name: Everyone calls me Bec
Age: I will be 65 this October
Country: Live in USA, NM
Favorite games or genre: Played or still play: Diablo, Minecraft, (Still guild leader since 2005)Gw and Gw2, Star craft. I jump around different games in steam. I have a lot of different types in steam. I been playing about 30 years or as of late try to play, but work been keeping me busy. I've played with kids from 12 now grown up to people older then me. Now I am not the best player in the game, but can learn, yes old dogs can learn new tricks lol. I just like playing with others and enjoy the company in most cases.
thank you and hope to hear from peeps.
Hi and hugs
Since I been playing, peeps call me Bec
Age: At this time, I am 64, in October will be 65.
Games played or have: Diablo 1, 2, 3, Gw/Gw2 (been the guild leader in both since 2005), Minecraft, Star Craft, lots of steam games (400 or so), trying to find time to playing. Some Xbox and PS 1,2,3.
I live and work in NM a very long time. Work keeps me busy and hoping to continue working till about 70. I been playing with all ages and really does not bother me the age, just want to have fun and enjoy the company.
Well all for now, have great day.
Oghurd Jun 2 @ 5:55pm 
Hi Bec - just sent a friend request so I can invite you to the group.
Do message me directly when you accept - Thanks,
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I have accepted.
Katwyn Jun 3 @ 3:46pm 
Hi, I'd like to join your group. I'm a cat mom, feel like I'm in my thirties but much older. I started playing Wow in 2007 so didn't find Steam until many years later. I enjoy open world and survival games. Lately been playing Rust a lot with my fiancé. :safehouse:
Oghurd Jun 3 @ 4:55pm 
Hey Katwyn - just send you a friend request. Please message me directly when you accept so I can invite you.
in2white Jun 16 @ 7:01pm 
Hi everyone. I'm definitely an older lady gamer. I go by in2white. I'm Canadian, living in the west. I'm an artist and relatively new to gaming and quite addicted to it.
I love Eastshade, it was the first game I really played for a substantial amount of time. I haven't got a favourite type of game. What attracts me most are the graphics.
I'm an introvert. This group sounds perfect for me and I'd like to make a few friends and learn more about games and how they work. I didn't grow up with computers so I'm still learning all the time. oh, and I take way too many screenshots. I think I should have been a photographer, not an artist.:palette:

Oghurd Jun 16 @ 9:36pm 
Hi In2White, I just sent you a friend request so we can chat and I can invite you to the group - Pls Message me when you accept - Thanks,

Hello all,

I shall introduce myself. My name is Jean-Michél. I am 68 y/o player of games like csgo. This is my grand son's old "smurf account" (whatever it has to do with Peyo's blue men is beyond me) but I have begun gaming on it as the millenials say. I would love to join. I'm also trying to get into digital chess and puzzles, but that's been harder than I thought.

It is worth noting that I personally didn't feel comfortable using a real photo of myself. This is a photo that my son found online which he thinks looks quite a bit like me. The man is called George Costanza, similar to the sitcom character that I'm sure most of you are aware of. If you want more information about the show, it's called Seinfeld, and is set in 1990s Manhattan. It follows the life of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, his neighbour Kramer, and close friends George and Elaine. Fantastic watch, helped me learn English back in the early 2000s.
Oghurd Aug 15 @ 9:05am 
Hi Jean - sending you a friend request so we can get you into the group. Please DM me when you accept (I may not notice) ...
Hey. I'm older than Satan, so I qualify. Have a look at my profile. I play everyday. I look exactly like my profile pic. What's not to like?
Oghurd Aug 20 @ 11:25am 
Hey Unwoken - just sent you a friend request so I can get you into the group. PM me when you accept (or I may not notice)

Oghurd, I got and accepted your invite. Thanks.
Oghurd, I accepted your invite.
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