NA 6v6 newbie mix NaNM
NA 6v6 newbie mix NaNM
November 10, 2011
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ESEA S30 Newbie Mix Team Drive Sign-Up

(Oh look, it's at the top).

  • You sign up here if you want to be put on a 6v6 team with similar people by us, along with a mentor to help you make the season productive and make you a solid player in the world of organized competitive TF2
  • You will be playing 8 weeks + preseason at least 4 nights a week
  • You will be playing on a client for a paid service ($7/month)

Read the rest of the post is any of this piques your curiosity.

What is this drive?

In the team drive, you and 5 other new-to-ESEA players will get partnered up with an experienced mentor that will help guide you through the season. The mentor won’t be playing on the team, but will help you with everything from registering on ESEA, to finding your first scrims, to demo reviews, and everything in between. ESEA is the best experience you can currently have in TF2, thanks to its community. You will have fun, meet new friends, play tons of TF2 and improve at a relatively rapid pace.

We are extending the invitation to experienced players to sign up as well, just remember that we are not trying to build an open-winning team here and this is very much a what you get is what you get kind of event.

Important Information about ESEA and the drive:

  • ESEA is a league, with seasons, which means joining is an 8-13 week commitment. Ideally, all signups are already interested in competitive TF2, and are willing to play the 8 week season in January and February.

  • ESEA is always played at night, with the default match times falling on 10:30 EST and teams playing/practicing within the general time window of 9:30 EST to 11:30 EST, sometimes slightly earlier. Matches can and do get rescheduled regularly, but in general it’s a good idea to make sure you are available at least until 11:30 PM EST.

  • While it varies from team to team, most teams play 5 days a week, Sunday through Thursday. We do our best to match you with people of similar schedules, but overall you should be able to play at least 4 days a week. If you can't, consider listing yourself as a substitute instead of a starter.

  • The drive is catered to people newer to ESEA. If you are new to ESEA, chances are you will learn a lot by playing in your first season, but the season will be quite hard and you will probably not get many wins. If you are not new to ESEA, we will not be building you a team to win you everything, so don't expect it.

  • ESEA costs money. 2 months of premium for a non playoff team costs $14. If you can’t pay, we can try to pay for you, but there is no guarantee. The best way to secure a spot on a team is being able to pay for yourself.

  • Toxicity on these drive teams is not tolerated, and will likely result in you being replaced by your team. As toxicity is typically your misplaced frustration with yourself, if you do have a tendency to get emotional, consider your reasons for being unhappy with your own performance and what you could do to improve. You’ll have a much more productive season that will also not result with you being replaced.

Rules about signing up:

  • Do not post anything in this thread other than signup forms. Questions go in the questions thread here:

  • If you don’t have an ESEA page, don’t make one yet. Wait until you’re on a team, and have your coach make it with you. Do not pay your premium fees until you are on the team and are instructed by a coach to do so.

  • Do not apply to classes you aren’t willing to play for a full 8 weeks.

  • Try to use east coast times when telling us your availability, or at least specify. Also specify AM or PM if you're not using a 24 hour clock because 12:00-1:00 can have a whole lot of different meanings.

  • Do not lie about your experience. If you lie, we will replace you.

  • If you want to play with friends, specify in the comments section of the application. Everyone involved in the group has to do this.

  • If you play on an existing team and wish to bring them into ESEA, have your team leader or other person willing to serve as the face of the team post in this thread following the application process, and in the comments say that you will be bringing in a whole team.

  • Subscribe to the Announcement thread for updates about the drive. This is how you will learn if you got on a team.

  • Please remember to edit your comment if something changes (availability, classes, ability to pay, ect).

How to Sign Up:

To join the team drive, comment on this steam group announcement using the form below. An example comment has been posted by me as the first comment. Grab some friends (or just yourself), and sign up today for an awesome experience! Signups close December 31st.


ESEA page (if available):
Classes (in order of preference):
Past experience:
Starter or Substitute:
Can pay for self:
Can pay for others:
What you’re looking for in your season:
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GBJ Dec 14, 2018 @ 6:12pm 
Alias: Spinduh
ESEA page: (Coming soon)
Classes: Pocket, Roamer
Availability: Everyday and any time past 3 PM
Past experience: 2 seasons of Newbie Mix Drive
Starter or Substitute: Starter
Age: 17
Can pay for self: No because I'm broke and still going to school
Can pay for others: No because I can't pay for myself
What you’re looking for in your season: If playing pocket; Greater main calling and better situational awareness. If playing roamer: Better overall movement, cordination and DM.
Comments: This will be my last newbie mix team drive before I start paying for ESEA (next year) so I hope to make it a good one and finish up learning so I can feel comfortable moving on.
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killerhusky4 Dec 14, 2018 @ 6:44pm 
ESEA page:coming soon
Avalability:tuesday,thursday5pm-9pm.friday anytime past 2pm.saterday,sunday anytime
past expireiences:couple of games of newbies mixes
starter or substitute:starter
can i pay for myself:no because im in school
can i pay for others:no because im in school
what you're looking for this season:to get better at this game with awereness and just in general have fun.also not getting screemed a backup for roamer.
coments:just happy for my first time joining and joining.

Bird_ Dec 14, 2018 @ 8:25pm 
Alias: Bird_
ESEA page (if available): N/a
Classes (in order of preference): Scout, Soldier (any position)
Availability: I should be available after 10:00pm unless work goes really late or I get stuck in traffic.
Past experience: 2800 hours, pub stomping, mge, and I love watching comp matches :)
Starter or Substitute: starter
Age: 19
Can pay for self: yes
Can pay for others: No
What you’re looking for in your season: Learn a lot, get better, have fun.
Comments: Starting my tf2 career with high hopes.
Karen Dec 15, 2018 @ 10:12am 
Alias: KarenMagicalGirl
ESEA Page:
Classes: Scout, Spy, Soldier, (wanting to learn Medic).
Availability: Primarily on weekends starting with Friday at around 6-7PM EST. I recently finished my fall term, so I am on break for a month, I begin school in mid-January again.
Past experience: 800+ hours on TF2, played on a few MGE servers, and have watched a variety of TF2 youtubers (RobTheAwsm, Muselk, ArraySeven, etc.).
Starter or Subsititue: Starter
Age: 18
Can pay for self: Yes
Can pay for others: No
What you're looking for in your season: Hoping to get a very solid idea on how to properly play TF2, enjoy being on a competitive team, and really understand how each class is the game is used to their best potential whether it be a roaming soldier, a utility scout, or an IGL medic.
Comments: This'll be the first "real" competitve TF2 experience, so I am a bit nervous, though I think it'll be fun.
Rex7 Dec 15, 2018 @ 5:53pm 
alias: rexraptor7/rex
esea page:
classes: pocket, roamer, demo (I don't really prefer one over the other)
availability: everyday after 6pm (I would greatly appreciate it if matches don't go past 11:00pm)
past experience: 2 seasons of steel, 1 season of silver
starter or substitute: starter
age: 16
can pay for self: no
can pay for others: no
what you're looking for in your season: a team with players that want to get better
comments: Want to play with reako (post 6)
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reako Dec 15, 2018 @ 5:54pm 
esea page:
classes: scout, roamer
availability: everyday from 6pm, sometimes earlier
past experience: 2 seasons of steel
starter or sub: starter
age: 18
can pay for self: yes
can pay for others: paying for rexraptor7 (post #5)
what you're looking for in your season: improve at the game, lots of demo reviews etc.
comments: Rex (post 5) and I both want to join a team that is committed to improving both individually and together
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Alias:Jerry Seinfeld Is my hero
ESEA page (Soon):
Classes (Medic):
Availability: everyday from 7-10 eastern
Past experience: I have about one seaons of ugc steel league and allot of noobie mixes
Starter or Substitute: Starter
Can pay for self: yes
Can pay for others: YEs
What you’re looking for in your season: I want to start improving at a rappid rate and hopfully make new friends
Comments: Im willing to work hard and get the work in i can make it to every scrim. game so yeah! I hope I can make a team!
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sethjune Dec 17, 2018 @ 8:51pm 
Alias: seth
ESEA page (if available):
Classes (in order of preference): roamer, pocket (never main called before though), scout, demo, med
Availability: available after 6 PM on most days.
Past experience: newbie mixes, pugs
Starter or Substitute: starter
Age: 20
Can pay for self: yes
Can pay for others: would prefer not, but could.
What you’re looking for in your season: improve gamesense, get motivation to take the game more seriously by being on a team, meet cool tf2 people
Comments: im willing to spend a lot of time scrimming, demo reviewing, etc.
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Lance McKinney Dec 18, 2018 @ 1:37am 
Alias: onionman
ESEA page (if available):
Classes (in order of preference): Pocket solly
Availability: Team already made.
Past experience: 3 incomp. seasons of esea.
Starter or Substitute: starter
Age: 14
Can pay for self: yes
Can pay for others: yes
What you’re looking for in your season: to improve my team
Comments: team is already sorted out we have very solid players silver/plat if we're talking ugc and we're looking to improve as a team and outlast the season as a team. Looking for a coach who can really help us improve. I have all 6 players.
v..v Banksy Dec 19, 2018 @ 10:10am 
Alias: Banksy
ESEA page (if available): Don't have one yet
Classes (in order of preference): Scout, Pocket, Roamer
Availability: Anytime later in the day
Past experience: UGC Silver
Starter or Substitute: Starter
Age: 21
Can pay for self: Yes
Can pay for others: Would prefer not to
What you’re looking for in your season: To improve as a player and with a team. Being on a team that's excited about the game would be cool
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Recurse lft Dec 20, 2018 @ 8:43am 
Alias: Recurse
ESEA page:
Classes (in order of preference): Demoman, Soldier, Scout, Medic
Availability: 9:00-11:00 EST (normal scrim times)
Past experience: TF2PL, UGC Steel (Demo), S29 Newbie Mixes (Demo)
Starter or Substitute: Starter
Age: 17
Can pay for self: Yes
Can pay for others: If necessary
What you’re looking for in your season: I want to continue and replicate the growth I had last season with my great team (which died) and coach (Grape Juice III) with an eager and acceptive team.
Comments: If possible, it would be really sweet to have Grape Juice as a coach again, given we already have an established relationship and he really is a fantastic coach.
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Nissantell Dec 20, 2018 @ 8:47pm 
Alias: Nissantell
ESEA page (if available):
Classes (in order of preference): Scout, Demoman
Availability: Weekdays, Weekends (after 9:00 PM)
Past experience: Season 29 ESEA (PurplePlus2)
Starter or Substitute: Starter
Can pay for self: Yes
Can pay for others: If neccesary
What you’re looking for in your season: To spend more time in competitive, and to have fun
Comments: If possible, to be matched with any remaining PP2 members.
Valley ☀ ringme Dec 20, 2018 @ 10:02pm 
ESEA page (if available):
Classes (in order of preference): pocket, demoman, medic
Availability: weekdays anytime after 6pm cst/7pm est, anytime on the weekends.
Past experience: nope
Starter or Substitute: starter
Age: 16
Can pay for self: nope
Can pay for others: nope
What you’re looking for in your season: to get my name out there, and improve as much as i can
Comments: i just want my team to have the same dedication, if i can balance a job, school, and sports on top of being strongly dedicated to improving at tf2, then i want my team to dedicate as much effort.
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Alias: cre-8
ESEA page (if available):
Classes (in order of preference): scout first, medic second, demo third, roamer fourth
Availability: weekdays 4-10 PM EST, weekends 10 am -10 pm EST
Past experience: TF2center, TF2PL.
Starter or Substitute: starter
Age: 17
Can pay for self: i already bought a month on the 24th of december so i need help getting some subscriptions
Can pay for others: i sadly cannot buy any months for others.
What you’re looking for in your season: to remove my horrible abomination of a reputation ive built for 2 years straight. i want teammates im familiar with so i dont have to be afraid of my team not communicating or playing the game with me correctly.
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Purple Tard Dec 21, 2018 @ 6:35pm 
Alias: Grape
ESEA page (if available):
Classes (in order of preference): Scout first, Demo second.
Availability: Once school starts and if I don't get a job it will be M - W: 4-10 P.M. EST Friday: 4-10 P.m. EST. available all-day Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Past Experience: Newbie Mixes, UGC Steel, inhouse PUGS
Starter or Substitute: Could play starter, but will have to be substitute mainly if a job is obtained.
Age: 21
Can pay for self: More than likely
Can pay for others: Would prefer not to, but could.
What you're looking for in your season: To improve my game sense, coordination, and my overall skill so that I don't let my team down again like in Season 29 of UGC.
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